Celebrate a Year of Sustainable Tourism with Us

Celebrate a Year of Sustainable Tourism with Us

Travel that allows future generations to travel as well

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The UN has declared 2017 to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. It means that this year, the whole world will come together to support and promote tourism that will ensure that our world will still be here for future generations in the best shape possible. The goal for this year is to show that tourism can also contribute to ensuring that society and nature continues to develop in the right direction.
Tourism provides new employment positions, and helps people expand their horizons, which leads to a greater understanding of the differences between cultures. Yet the booming development of tourism in recent years has highlighted the necessity for resolving the issue of its permanent sustainability and development. How, then, can the Czech Republic contribute to the sustainable development of tourism?

Ecological farming and stays at eco-farms

One thing that can contribute to the sustainable development of tourism is giving priority during our travels to local produce from eco-farms. Some farms also offer their visitors accommodations that focus on learning about life in the country. You can look forward to beautiful nature, home-made products, horse-back riding, friendly people and, most importantly, comfort and peace.

You will receive a warm welcome, for example, at the romantic Jáňův dvůr farm in the wine-producing village of Nový Přerov near Mikulov in Moravia. This sprawling facility with a historical appearance is a pleasant stop for roaming cyclists, an oasis of peace for fatigued city-dwellers, and a place full of wonderful experiences for families with children. Or, you can try the Nosek bee farm near Telč, a city included among UNESCO monuments. There are literally dozens of eco-farms in the Czech Republic waiting to welcome you with open arms.

EDEN is not just the garden of paradise

The acronym, EDEN, stands for European Destinations of ExcelleNce. It is a project of the European Commission, whose main goal is to promote lesser-known regions, and draw attention to their charm. The project emphasises authenticity and diversity in its selection process, but also emphasises the development of sustainable tourism.
Bohemian Switzerland in Northern Bohemia historically became the first European Destination of ExcelleNce in the Czech Republic. Come and see this national park for yourself, and allow yourself to be enchanted by a landscape full of sandstone rock formations, deep forests, and meandering streams.
Bystřicko, on the other hand, was selected as the "water" tourist destination. This one-of-a-kind natural park with brooks and streams is ornamented with mysterious ruins, castles, and lookout towers. It is a cyclist's, hiker's, and nature lover's paradise.
If you are a fan of original – and living, even to this day – folklore, you simply must visit Slovácko. Rich folk traditions, such as the Ride of the Kings or the Verbuňk dance, can be encountered everywhere you go, and you can also look forward to picturesque landscapes interwoven with vineyards and historical monuments in this corner of Eastern Moravia.
In Southern Bohemia, Lipno is a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy active leisure time here during any season of the year. In the summer, Lipensko is a cycling paradise, and an in-line skating track runs parallel to the banks of Lipno Lake. One of the greatest attractions is the Lipno Treetop Walkway, with a 40-metre-tall lookout tower.
The final destination that has been honoured is the Jeseníky Mountains, for the category of Tourism and Local Gastronomy. You can not only enjoy the Jeseníky for their excellent food, but also for the wild beauty of this Silesian mountain range as well as for its air, which is some of the cleanest in all of Central Europe.

Monument restoration

There are places in the Czech Republic that for years, and perhaps even decades, have been neglected. However, thanks to efforts for the preservation of monuments and sustainable tourism, considerable resources have been invested so that these places can be saved.
One of these places is the baroque complex of Hospital Kuks. After many years of efforts, organisers saved this complex from gradual deterioration, and were able to repair it. Today, visitors to the complex can delight in the fact that the Hospital looks exactly as it did when it was in its heyday.
Even Chateau Hill in Eastern-Bohemian Litomyšli finally got the revitalisation it deserves. And a number of monuments, such as the Church of the Finding of the Cross, were literally saved at the eleventh hour. Thanks to this effort we can admire its baroque art, for instance, during concerts that take place here today.