Where to Go for a Great Shopping Experience

Where to Go for a Great Shopping Experience

Do you like shopping? We will tell you how to enjoy it!

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We know places where you will feel the best and where you can really enjoy shopping. Moreover, shops and shopping centres are rarely closed, usually just on state holidays, so you do not need to worry about not being able to go shopping on your holiday, whether you want to buy a new coat, or traditional Bohemian crystal glass.

Shopping centres – all under one roof

The Czech Republic is a country with one of the largest concentrations of shopping centres per capita in the world. So, you do not need to worry: you can go shopping anywhere and anytime.
The largest shopping centres are in the largest Czech city: Prague. Soon, the reconstruction of one of the largest ones, the Chodov Shopping Centre (right by a Metro station of the same name), will be completed. There are already more than 200 stores there and after the extension is complete, there will be more than 300 stores. And that is quite a lot to choose from! You will also find luxury brands there, such as Barbour or Karl Lagerfeld. Another popular stop for shopaholics is Palladium, which is in the city centre, opposite the Municipal House, or Na Příkopě Street, where you can find anything you can think of on a single street. Even a luxurious multilevel toy store!
You will not be disappointed when you visit other Czech cities, such as Brno, or Ostrava. For example, the Nová Karolina shopping centre recently opened in the centre of Ostrava in place of a former factory.  Most of the shops from the centre moved under the roof of Nová Karolina and people were worried that the centre would become empty. However, the free spaces in the centre have been filled up with cafes and interesting restaurants. One of the most popular shopping centres in Brno is no doubt Galerie Vaňkovka, built in an old factory building near the main train station. The shopping gallery has a lot of shops with various goods.

Pařížská Street – a world of luxury

Pařížská (Paris) Street has no equivalent in the Czech Republic. It is not a coincidence that it bears the name of Paris. The street, running through the Jewish quarter from the Old Town Square to the Vltava River, was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as a Parisian boulevard. The street is full of luxurious stores and it is lined with houses with representative facades where you can enjoy a walk and shopping in the shade of the trees. When walking along the street, you can experience an atmosphere of peace and luxury. Global luxurious brands literally fight for a spot on Pařížská. You can find brands such as Hermés, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Dior, Burberry and more.

How to deduct tax

Are you done shopping and wondering if you can deduct VAT from your purchase and how? We can help you.
To be able to deduct VAT, you have to be a citizen of a country that is not in the European Union. The goods from a single seller must be purchased on a single day, their value must exceed CZK 2,000 and you have to take them out of the country within 3 months from the purchase. Naturally, the goods have to be for you or for your family. It is not permitted to sell them for profit in your homeland. The tax is not returned in the case of food, alcohol, tobacco and fuel. If you meet the conditions, read on.
When you leave the Czech Republic, you have to complete the “Tax Free” form, which has to be confirmed by an official stamp of a Czech customs authority, or the customs authority of one of the EU countries. Without the EU stamp, it is not possible to get VAT back. The money will be paid back when you submit the duly completed and stamped Tax Free form and an original of the receipt to one of the payment points of one of the companies that does VAT returns. Then, the money is paid in cash, or a bank transfer can be arranged, or a bank cheque can be sent to the provided address. The maximum deadline for the payment is 5 months after the purchase of the goods.