Seven Wonderful Places Where Children Can Have Fun in the Open Air

Seven Wonderful Places Where Children Can Have Fun in the Open Air

Who else but children can get the most out of beautiful weather? Head off to the Czech Republic and have fun with them.

What were children’s amusement parks in the Czech Republic doing before the start of the season? They certainly weren’t sleeping. Instead, they were preparing new events for this year. Come with us to visit the best places in the Czech Republic where to take your kids. If they have been reluctant to admit it so far, then a visit to Dolní Morava or Lipno will convince them that they have the best parents in the world.

Something new in Dolní Morava – up among the clouds and under the ground

  1. The staff at Dolní Morava Relax & Sport Resort could only dream of a good winter sleep: the last skiers just left a few weeks ago and the resort had to begin preparing new events and attractions for the spring and summer right away. They have expanded the most popular children’s attractions: the forest adventure park with huts, a forest maze and tree tunnels. A number of interesting events are also being prepared for the new Cloud Trail. New attractions also await you at the Mammoth waterpark, and you can discover the brand new Sand World, a unique attraction that looks like a huge sandbox, which is located along the cycling route near the rope course. Children can look forward to underground passageways, an archaeological site with the skeleton of mammoth, a gold-panning site, a sand train and conveyor and a merry-go-round. For the first time this year, you will be able to rent a kick-scooter at the top station of the Sněžník cable car. At the Marcelka chalet, they will even offer an electric one, which can travel as far as 85 km without you having to make a single kick. We must not forget to mention Stamichman Trail, which will introduce you to the almost unknown mountain ghost of Králický Sněžník and the majestic Jeseníky Mountains.
  2. The town of Velké Losiny is located nearby. While the adults will appreciate the local spa tradition, children will perhaps be interested in how handmade paper is made, as the oldest and still functional handmade paper factory in the Czech Republic is located in this town.

Summer time at Mirakulum Amusement Park an hour from Prague

  1. Mirakulum Amusement Park is one of the most popular spots in the Czech Republic for families with children.  There is something new there every year. It is ever expanding, new attractions are continually being added, and the services are always improving. You can therefore expect surprises this year as well: the new forest town with its amazing towers and numerous underground passageways will be opening its gates in May. During the season, the rope centre, the giant trampoline and the natural tubing course will be added. The water world will also be expanded and new refreshments stands will appear. Mirakulum is open daily in the summer and on weekends beginning in October once the weather cools. You will certainly appreciate the fact that it is located just an hour’s drive from Prague.
  2. Not far from Mirakulum is the state-owned chateau of Loučeň, which should become the destination of all adventurers, young and old: the chateau gardens house a brand new royal labyrinth. And it was not created out of whimsy. The Czech Republic is commemorating the 700th anniversary of the birth of the most popular rule in the country’s history – Charles IV – and the maze was built in his honour. At Loučeň you can learn about history a more interesting way.

Off to Lipno to do some sports

  1. If the south of the Czech Republic looks best to you on a map and your children like sports of all kinds, then take then to Lipno. In addition to numerous bed-and-breakfasts, hotels and campsites, you can find a waterpark, bobsleigh and bike park. The treetop walk, something the whole family can do together, is also very popular. The entire walk, from the roots to the treetops, is barrier-free. The footbridge ends with a lookout tower, from where you can ride a toboggan back down to the ground. And there’s more! A specialty for 2016 will be the Lipno Olympic Games. An Olympic Park will be created at Lipno, where thanks to two huge screens you will be able to watch the games in Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Games, puzzles, animals and a maze

  1. Tasks full of adventure, games, puzzles and interactive programmes, all in a village that looks like it was cut out from a book on the Middle Ages, can be enjoyed at Zeměráj nature adventure park near Orlík chateau and Zvíkov castle. The park is open on weekends and, during the summer holidays, every day.
  2. You can find nature trails suitable for children in Moravia as well, for example in Uherské Hradiště at the cultural and historical Rochus Park. You will be closer to nature in the mystical Beskid Mountains (Beskydy), which you will get to know on the Beskydské nebe (Beskid Sky) nature trail.