The Battlefield of Austerlitz Again Comes to Life in the Heat of Battle

The Battlefield of Austerlitz Again Comes to Life in the Heat of Battle

The battlefield of Austerlitz (Slavkov) and the Slavkov Chateau have become the place of the traditional commemorative event in memory of the famous Battle of the Three Emperors, which took place on Czech territory more than 200 years ago.

There will be a reconstruction of the Battle below Santon Hill and a demonstration of field camp and battle scenes. The day will end with a spectacular fireworks show. The reconstructions of battles as well as chateau tours with Napoleon and the Holy Masses will take place in South Moravia. Over 900 people in historical uniforms and costumes from the period of the Napoleonic wars representing the armies of France, Poland, Austria and Russia will attend this program.

Commemorative events begin at the Slavkov Chateau - Austerlitz on Friday, 28 November 2014, when the city will be occupied by soldiers who will prepare for the big battle at the square and in the chateau courtyard. The Austrian Emperor Francis I and subsequently the Russian Tsar Alexander I will arrive at the solemnly lit chateau courtyard. The event will commemorate the memorable meeting of the two sovereigns in the local chateau on the eve of the battle. An evening program with mulled wine and music will end with folk celebration and dances.

The Battle of the Three Emperors decided the fate of Europe

This year's battle demonstration in the program of commemorative events of the 209th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz takes place at the traditional spot below Santon Hill near the village Tvarožná on November 29 from 2 pm. Nine hundred "soldiers" in the uniforms of the armies of France, the Duchy of Warsaw, Austria, Russia and Saxony as well as 60 horses and 15 cannons will be present. Besides the Czech participants, participants will also come from Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Russia and Romania. The script of this demonstration is inspired by the encounter at Staré Vinohrady (the Old Vineyards), where the division of General Vandamme fought with the Russian Guard. The encounter eventually culminated in the retreat of the coalition forces from the battlefield. A memorial ceremony at the Peace Mound will take place on Sunday November 30 at noon.

Saturday's program in Austerlitz aims to show life in the town in 1805. A number of artisanal activities, demonstrations of military training, battle clashes etc. will take place. Costumed tours with Napoleon himself will be directly at Slavkov Chateau - Austerlitz. Humorous tours will deal with the moments before the battle and even the emperor Napoleon himself after his glorious victory.

The entire program will end with the occupation of the town hall by the French Army and the subsequent proclamation of the French victory. This year's commemorative events in Austerlitz will end with a parade of all participating armies through the town and a multimedia performance with fireworks at 8 pm.