Refinement and Style of the Early 20th Century: Four Hotels by Famous Architects

Refinement and Style of the Early 20th Century: Four Hotels by Famous Architects

Spend a night embraced by style and art.

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Famous architects have lefts their mark across the Czech Republic, also in the form of hotels, villas and guesthouses. Do names like Dušan Jurkovič, Leopold Bauer and Jan Kotěra ring a bell? Spend the night in an iconic location that uses the name of its designer to attract guests!

Luhačovice and Jurkovič House

The spa town of Luhačovice gained its present appearance in the early twentieth century thanks to architect Dušan Jurkovič, whose projects there were influenced by Art Deco and the folk art of Wallachia and the Slovakian region of Kysuce. His most beautiful work in Luhačovice is Jurkovič House erected, in 1902, a hotel located in the very heart of the spa town by the spa colonnade. This building was not built from scratch, but was a reconstruction of Janov House, an eighteenth century building. Jurkovič joined two old buildings into one and added a floor and an attic. Bright colours and period luxury are typical for Jurkovič House. Its complete refurbishment saw the addition of amenities no modern spa could ever do without: a pool, a sauna and even a restaurant for guests. Other spa houses that bear Jurkovič’s signature are also open to guests: Villa Chaloupka, comfortable Jestřabí Spa House and Villas Valaška and Vlastimila. Jurkovič is also the architect behind the Music Pavilion, the Hydrotherapeutic Institute and the Sun Spa.

Jeseník and the Priessnitz Sanatorium

Just a few years younger in age is Priessnitz Sanatorium in Jeseník Spa by architect Leopold Bauer. This building stands on top of a hill and can be seen from afar. Its arcade loggias give it the air of a chateau. A sequence of columns and a massive winding staircase adorn the entrance hall. Rich stucco work, paintings and numerous period photographs embellish the interior.  The spacious balconies and the small tower, which serves as a lookout, entice guests to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the spa town and the fresh clean air. The sanatorium is Bauer’s biggest building, but he is better known for other projects: Reissig Villa in Brno and Breda & Weinstein department store in Opava.

Ratboř and Kotěra Chateau Hotel

Almost at the same time that Leopold Bauer was active in Jeseník, i.e., between 1911 and 1913, Jan Kotěra built the “last chateau in Bohemia” near Kolín. This building was in fact the Mandelík family residence. It provided luxurious, modern living while being reminiscent of an old manor house.  Over time, the villa was transformed into the neoclassical Kotěra Chateau Hotel. Only a fraction of the original furnishings has survived, but the atmosphere of the time is evoked with the help of a collection of furniture designed by Jan Kotěra, Josef Gočár and other architects and artists from the early twentieth century. This is an ideal place for those who love the atmosphere of the early twentieth century down to the last detail!

Kokořínsko Landscape Area and the Liběchov Residence

The Liběchov Residence, a hotel in Art Deco style located ten kilometres from the town of Mělník and near Kokořín Castle, also resembles a chateau. The villa was built around 1920 by Prague industrialist Moučka as a summer residence for his wife. It was designed by architect Josef Lauerman. Today it serves as a luxury hotel and wellness centre. Art Deco style dominates both the exterior and interior. The hotel has twelve original rooms, each painted a different colour and boasting a small or large terrace with beautiful views of the Central Bohemia Uplands, and some even have direct access to the garden.