Christmas in November – at least for lovers of traditional markets

Christmas in November – at least for lovers of traditional markets

The Christmas markets begin over the weekend. This traditional event will have some new features, but there’s no need to worry because the mulled wine will still taste as good as ever.

The months of November and December suit Czech cities ideally, whether it’s Prague, Český Krumlov, or Olomouc. Their centers are adorned with Christmas decorations and their squares full of small stalls offering up the fragrance of succulent baked ham, hot mulled wine and the crusty “trdelník” sweet roll in cinnamon sugar. Christmas markets in the Czech Republic are enjoyed by both tourists and locals, for whom it is one of the most popular times of the year.

Traditions and new features in Prague

Prague Christmas markets are among the largest and most beautiful in Europe – and that’s not just our opinion. The atmosphere on the historic Old Town Square is truly unique. Eating ham roasted on an open fire next to medieval monuments doesn’t happen just anywhere. Old Town Square is also the site every year for the national Christmas tree. This year it will be lit on the evening of November 28, when the markets officially open. They will remain on the oldest square in Prague until January 3, so you will be able to explore them even after the Christmas holidays. A side program is being prepared and children will be able to try their hand in a small crafts workshop where they can create their own little souvenir of Christmas.

The markets on Wenceslas Square, the largest in the Czech Republic, are also very popular. Everything you could hope for in a Christmas market can be found on Charles Square. Roast chestnuts, punch, decorations and much more. But the Christmas markets at Prague Castle will offer something new. The organizers promise that the largest castle complex in the world will have never been so cozy. The markets there will also begin on November 28, and remain open until January 3. The stalls will be open every day from the morning until nine o’clock at night.

Christmassy Český Krumlov and Olomouc

It will also be cozy in Czech Krumlov in the south of the Czech Republic. This UNESCO World Heritage town is rightfully proud of the atmosphere of its Christmas markets and makes plans for them long in advance. This is actually probably not entirely necessary, because the glistening white rooftops of the picturesque homes on the banks of the partially frozen Vltava River and the majestic Castle on a snowy hilltop embody the Christmas spirit all by themselves. However, do you really want to deny yourself some warm mead when it’s freezing cold outside?

Christmas markets are also traditionally prepared by the historic city of Olomouc in the middle of  Moravia and proudly profess to be on an equal standing with competitors holding similar events in Salzburg and Vienna. Visitors are drawn for example to the ice rink, where the whole family can skate until the end of February absolutely free of charge. In addition, organizers are preparing theater and musical performances as well as a carved nativity scene. All this plus the specialty of Olomouc – more than ten kinds of punch to choose from.