Virtual Gallery, Museum and Theatre Tours

Virtual Gallery, Museum and Theatre Tours

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At a time when it is not possible to travel and discover the secrets and beauties of countries near and far, it is at least possible to virtually visit some institutions, such as galleries and museums. You have an opportunity to explore at a time that is not favourable to travelling, for whatever reason. We will recommend some places that you can comfortably visit while at home thanks to the Google Arts and Culture service.

National Gallery

The Prague National Gallery is home to artworks from ancient times through the Renaissance to contemporary art. It was founded at the end of the 18th century and its collections contain over 400,000 pieces of art. Thanks to modern technology, you can now visit three on-line exhibitions and look at many other artefacts >

Would you like to learn more and lift the veil on painting restoration? Check out the official YouTube channel > and turn on the subtitles.

National Museum

The buildings of the National Museum are situated in the centre of Prague. The historical building has been beautifully reconstructed. When you visit Prague next time, you should definitely pay a visit. Today, we will take you at least to the on-line exhibitions, such as the collections of the science museum or several on-line exhibitions on the history of Czechoslovakia. At the same time, you have the unique opportunity to walk through the historical building of the National Museum using your computer >

National Theatre

The stately building of the National Theatre has been standing on the opposite bank of the Vltava River from Museum Kampa for more than a hundred years. The theatre is also currently closed but you can see some of its exhibitions or historical photographs from the theatre’s archives on-line >

Museum Kampa

If you could visit Prague, you would find Museum Kampa on the bank of the Vltava River below Prague Castle. The on-line exhibition includes a tour of the gallery interiors, as well as some of the artworks in greater detail >

Jewish Museum

One of the oldest Jewish museums, founded in 1906, offers a small, but that much more interesting on-line presentation. If you like Jewish culture, which is an integral part of the Central European space, visit this Prague museum on-line at >

Egon Schiele Art Centrum Český Krumlov

In addition to the documentation on the life and work of Egon Schiele and the annual exhibition of his works, the Egon Schiele Art Centre in South Bohemian Český Krumlov also holds exhibitions of classical and contemporary art of the 20th century. The museum buildings include many generous studios for longer study and work stays of young artists and there is also a writer’s suite. And now, you can see some of the collections virtually at >

National Museum

National Museum