International Film Festival for Children and Youths
The Zlín Film Festival is unique; it is one of the first film festivals of its kind and the largest. Every year it presents around 350 films from over 50 countries and brings about 95 thousand children and adult viewers to Moravia.
The main prize is the Golden Shoe, awarded to the best animated and live-action film for children and the best live-action film for youths.

Films for Children has a long tradition in the city of Zlín. Its studios were originally supposed to produce films promoting the shoe-making empire of Tomáš Bata. They started to produce art films shortly afterwards and soon became successful. This was due to exceptional film makers, such as Elmar Klos, who, together with Ján Kadár, won an Oscar with the film The Shop on Main Street. Another personality connected with Zlín is the renowned visual artist and author of animated films Karel Zeman, known mainly for the special effects used in the film Journey to the Beginning of Time.

Screenings and accompanying events take place in many venues around Zlín. Every year, the festival attracts both laymen and professionals, who can attend workshops, discussions and seminars.