At the time of its emergence, Boskovice’s historic Jewish community established a cemetery whose location is today unknown, although the search for it has given many historians sleepless nights. A second cemetery, which you can visit today, was most likely created in the 17th century and ranks among the most valuable historical landmarks in Moravia.
The oldest discovered place of rest in the cemetery dates from 1670 while around 2,500 tombstones of various types are visible. Among the most significant are Baroque headstones of what is referred to as the Mikulov or South Moravian type. Several important figures from the local Jewish community are buried there, including rabbis Mose ben Hirsch ha-Levi, Abraham Placzek and Samuel ben Nathan Ha-Levi Loew, author of Machatsis haShekel. There is also a monument to Jewish soldiers killed in action during WWI.


Potoční 680 01 Boskovice