Czech Christmas

Czech Christmas

Christmas time in the heart of Europe smells of mulled wine and vanilla

Czech Christmas
Christmas in the Czech Republic is a time of stopping, relaxing and cordially meeting with family and friends.
Towns and villages light up with Christmas decorations, and traditional carols and Christmas songs sound throughout churches and on the streets. The colourfully decorated tables are full of fragrant Christmas goodies. Welcome, friends, and experience a real Czech Christmas with us!

Carps in the streets and vanilla rolls on every Christmas table

In the period before Christmas, decorated Christmas trees will light up in the cities, and the impressive atmosphere of Advent is completed by the scent of Christmas delicacies, which emanate from the decorated shops. Captivating music, warm punch and the ubiquitous aroma of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine enhance the atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and cordial friendly gatherings. Vendors appear on the streets standing by vats full of carp to hand over the treasures of Czech ponds to all households. The Czech Christmas table must feature a Czech vánočka pastry, the indispensable vanilla-sugared Christmas cookies, and finally the main dish and Czech Christmas Eve specialty - carp steaks with potato salad. Each family has its own original recipe and even in restaurants you will not come across two potato salads that would taste the same.

Our tip for an original Christmas gift from Czechia

Glass Christmas decorations
from the Czech Republic are known all over the world. The rarest and most valuable are made by hand, often using hundred-year-old techniques. You might be able to buy them from a shop near your hotel, but if you want them straight from the source, go to the north of Czechia to the Crystal Valley.

Nativity scenes that will satisfy your appetite

The construction and carving of nativity scenes is an integral part of Czech Christmas. You will see them in the squares, they finish off the decoration of shops and temples. We will show you the largest mechanical nativity scene in the world. In the foothills of the royal castle Karlštejn, there is an exposition of rare nativity scenes made of wax, bread and sweet gingerbread. You can also learn about the history of nativity scenes in the Czech Republic in many other museums.

Wandering through history and snowy landscapes

In open-air museums, for example in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in Moravia or on Vesely Kopec in east Czechia, we will show you how ordinary people celebrated Christmas in times long past. You will experience the Christmas rituals of famous aristocratic families as part of special events programmes at castles and chateaux.

If this Christmas spirit seems too old-fashioned or you want to move around a bit after Christmas, then head to the mountains. You won't find the Alps here, but there is still a possibility for relaxing skiing with children or cross-country skis in the snowy landscape that offers beautiful views. We look forward to seeing you there!