In the loftiest reaches of the Jeseníky Mountains, the hydroelectric power station at Dlouhé Stráně is like a secret bunker in a Bond movie. Thanks to its futuristic appearance and the attractiveness of the surrounding landscape, Dlouhé Stráně has become one of the most visited places in the Jeseníky Mountains and one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic.

The power station certainly isn’t a structure that you’d expect to find in the middle of a protected area. Its presence in this picturesque landscape, however, proves that even such a piece of engineering can be sensitively inserted into a natural environment, and can become a popular tourist attraction.

Dlouhé Stráně is a pumping power station, which produces energy by transferring water up to an upper reservoir then allowing it to run back down to a lower reservoir. The pumping is done when cheaper electricity is available during the night. The upper reservoir was created by removing the top of Mravenečník Hill at an altitude of 1,350m. During a tour of the facility you can see a documentary about the construction of the power station, and tour the underground turbine room containing the largest reverse turbine in Europe. You’ll also have a unique chance to admire an amazing view of both the upper and lower reservoirs. So don’t pass up an opportunity to see this quite unique piece of engineering.