Christmas at Czech Castles and Chateaux

Christmas at Czech Castles and Chateaux

Visit castles and chateaux during Advent. There will be special tours, Christmas masses and live nativity scenes.

Czech castles and chateaux have their magic that attracts crowds of tourists all year round. A lot of them are preparing special programmes for the period of Advent and Christmas, and it would be a pity to miss an unusual tour, a live nativity scene or a Christmas market. A list of castles and chateaux that are worth a visit during Christmas follows below.

Prague Castle: Christmas market

When: all Advent season
Come enjoy the Advent atmosphere amidst the scenery of Prague Castle. During the Advent season, you can enjoy the Christmas market in the largest castle area. The Christmas market attracts with its quality assortment of carefully selected products that you can also buy on Christmas Eve. There will be stands with Czech products at the square behind the St. Vitus Cathedral. Remember to taste some Christmas punch or hot wine.

Hluboká Chateau: Nine rooms to tour

When: all Advent season
The winter tours of the South Bohemian Hluboká Chateau have been available for several years: the chateau is open all year round. Visitors can tour nine rooms of the private apartments of the last four generations of the owners of the Hluboká estates – the Schwarzenberg family.

Lednice Chateau: Christmas cookies and winter cruise

When: all Advent season
Lednice Chateau in South Moravia stays open for all history lovers in winter. When you get cold, you can warm up in the chateau greenhouse or on a cruise through the chateau park with the aroma of hot wine. On Advent weekends, you can see the first guided tour with Christmas decorations and see a demonstration of holiday banqueting that includes the tasting of Christmas cookies and listening to Christmas carols.

Veltrusy Chateau: Special tour

When: every Advent weekend
Veltrusy Chateau is about 25 kilometres north of Prague, and you should definitely go there during the Advent season. On Advent weekends, visitors can enjoy a special Christmas tour of the chateau where they will learn about how the noble Chotek family used to spend Christmas.

Sychrov Chateau: Advent markets

When: 2 and 3 December 2017
Sychrov Chateau, which is in North Bohemia near Liberec, is organising a traditional Advent market on the first December weekend. There will be markets and craft demonstrations, traditional goods and a rich programme as well as a nativity scene in the courtyard of the chateau. At the end of December (27-31 December 2017), you can also enjoy a tour of the chateau interiors with Christmas decorations, with original historical nativity scenes and Christmas trees with originally hand-painted decorations.

Karlštejn Castle: Czech Christmas mass

When: 17 December 2017
No Christmas is complete without the world-known Czech Christmas Mass by Czech composer Jakub Jan Ryba. This traditional Christmas composition can also be heard at the medieval Karlštejn Castle! The Christmas gem by Jakub Jan Ryba will be performed in the Knight’s Hall on Sunday, 17 December, at 5 pm and 7 pm. Between 23 and 25 December, the castle is closed, but on 26 December it opens for winter tours again.

Bouzov Castle: Christmas tour

When: 2-3 December and 26-27 December 2017
The Moravian Bouzov Castle near Olomouc has prepared tours of the Christmas-decorated castle for the first Advent weekend and for the Christmas holiday.

Kašperk Castle: Costumed tour guides and a Christmas table

When: 28-31 December 2017
The Šumava Kašperk Castle will also open its gates at the end of the year. During the holiday opening hours, there will be special commented tours of the castle with a costumed guide available. You will learn about how people in the Middle Ages survived winter, what they ate, drank, used for heating, what activities they did in their leisure, how they celebrated Christmas and other interesting information.