Accommodation in monasteries: tip for a peaceful vacation

Accommodation in monasteries: tip for a peaceful vacation

Did you know that in the Czech Republic, you can stay in the shadow of monastic walls? We can tell you where!

Peace, quiet and relaxation from everyday life, an atmosphere full of mystery or spiritual energy – all this awaits you when you choose to stay in a monastery. Of course, not forever. Even one night or a weekend will suffice.

Prague: A night with the Capuchins

The Capuchins are a Catholic religious order inspired by St. Francis of Assisi who live and work at a monastery in Prague's Hradčany connected to the church of Our Lady of the Angels. It is the first and oldest Capuchin monastery in Bohemia, built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Incidentally, the famous baroque Loreta carillon, which can be found nearby, wasn’t built until a quarter of a century after the monastery.

The Capuchins of Hradčany offer short-term accommodation for those who are looking for lodging in the center of Prague. They have rooms of various sizes available, ranging from twin-beds up to twelve beds, mostly with a shared bathroom, lounge and kitchen. In addition to the affordable accommodation, visitors receive a discount on admission to the Loreta pilgrimage site, which is also managed by the Capuchins.

Prague for the more demanding: A night with the Benedictines at their organic hotel monastery

Even after more than a thousand years of existence, the main mission of the Břevnov Monastery in Prague, the first monastery in the Czech lands, is life in a monastic community in the spirit of the Order of St. Benedict. Daily prayer and work does not mean, however, that the monastery has shut its doors to the outside world. Quite the contrary. Among the monastery’s attractions are the Romanesque crypt and Baroque Basilica of St. Margaret; the prestigious halls of the Baroque prelature host concerts and various social events; and last but not least enjoy a walk in the monastery garden where you will find a pavilion called Vojtěška, named after one of the founders of the monastery, St. Vojtěch. You will also discover the monastery’s brewery and the organic hotel Adalbert with a restaurant called the Monastic Taproom. There are 23 rooms offering all amenities and breakfast – of the organic variety, of course!

Želiv: A night with the Premonstrates and a test of their monastic beer

Whoever is looking for the right place for silence, meditation, study, or just plain relaxation in an inspiring environment should go to Premonstratensian monastery in Želiv. It has undergone a number of twists and changes since it was founded in 1139; more information about that is available during a tour of the complex. You can stay within the confines of the monastery; the Želiv Abbey Hostel, which is managed directly by the Premonstrates, will ensure your comfort. There are rooms of various sizes to choose from, with accessories and without, from the cheapest overnight stay in your own sleeping bag in a hall called Tábor (tábor means camp in English) to an apartment with its own kitchen. Gatherings of all sorts often take place here thanks to the large accommodation and dining capacity, as well as several halls and classrooms for rent. The Premonstrates also offer both secular and spiritual pleasures: if you like, you can tour the monastery’s brewery, with a program that allows you to try local beers, or you can avail yourself to a spiritual rejuvenation program.

Vranov u Brna: A night with the Paulines and a series of events

Amidst the beautiful countryside on the edge of the Moravian Karst lies a Marian pilgrimage site engulfed in legends: Vranov u Brna with the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The monastery of the Order of Minims of St. Francis of Paola, called the Paulines, includes a Spiritual Center, which offers accommodation in addition to a variety of spiritual, cultural and educational events, lectures, weekend stays for families, and parish camps and weekends for children and young people. The center has a hundred beds in rooms with private bathrooms, a single apartment with study, dining room with full board option, several halls, and an ecumenical chapel. But beware, priority is always given to guests who adhere to the spiritual side of life, who are considerate and respectful of the spiritual code of the house.

Broumov: Accommodation in former monk cells

The Broumov Monastery is located in a picturesque landscape full of sandstone rocks and offers visitors an unforgettable experience! You can see the abbey church of St. Vojtěch, rebuilt from its original Gothic form into a Baroque church, a library containing about 17,000 volumes or a sacristy with precious inlayed furniture. Starting in April 2015, you will be able to stay in rooms that formerly housed Benedictine monks.