The Most Famous Czech Fair is Back in Prague Again After a Year

The Most Famous Czech Fair is Back in Prague Again After a Year

Fun, laughter, memories, and gingerbread hearts – that is St. Matthews Fair, which has opened the season of fairs and festivities every year since 1595!

St. Matthews Fair is held every spring at the Exhibition grounds in Prague — Holešovice, near Veletržní Palace (Veletržní palác) and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Centrum moderního umění DOX). Haunted castles, a shooting gallery, merry-go-rounds, swings, jumping castles, rocking ships or dragon rides are all waiting for adult and children visitors. You can take in the fair's attractions from March 1st to April 30th, 2014.

St. Matthews Fair is the very first spring fair in Europe. The tradition of the fair has been archived in the Czech National Library since all the way back in 1595. It was originally held in front of the church and was directly associated with the feast of St. Matthew. But the area was insufficient and therefore the stands and merry-go-rounds slowly shifted to different places in the city. In 1963, it moved to the neighborhood of Stromovka Park.

Just like every year visitors this year wont miss out on the popular roller coaster, adrenaline attractions from home and abroad, a 35 meter high Ferris wheel, or a shooting gallery. Besides these exciting attractions, you will also find plenty of food stands with refreshments, oriental sweets as well as toys. You can also enjoy yourself in the jumping castles, centrifuges, chairoplanes and even a haunted castle. The wildest attractions are the booster, catapult, or kamikaze, or a huge 50 meter tall chain merry-go-round on which daredevils can go spinning in all directions. In total there are 120 attractions available here for visitors.

You can visit the fair on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday between 2pm and 9pm, on weekends and public holidays it is open from 10 am to 10 pm. The price of admission for adults is 25 crowns, for children 10 crowns. The prices for the attractions range from 40 crowns for a children's train to 200 crowns for large foreign attractions.

The area of Exhibition Center (Výstaviště) offers many more possibilities on how enjoy a wonderful day. From March 8th to May 4th, you and your whole family will be able to look face to face with the large animals of the Ice age. An exhibition of life size models of these animals entitled Giganti was created by a team of natural scientists and artists. Starting in March, the unique Exposition Dinosaurium will begin at the Exhibition Center which presents part of one of the world's largest collection of real dinosaur skeletons and fossils. More than fifty of the exhibits, which are dominated by up to nearly 300 million year old skeletons and fossils from the Russian Academy of Sciences, will be on display until June 29th, 2014.