Travel Trade Day 2022 – Save the Date!

Travel Trade Day 2022 – Save the Date!

Czech Republic Travel Trade Day 2022 will take place in Karlovy Vary in May 2022.

United Kingdom, Ireland
Travel Trade Day 2022 – Save the Date!
The largest incoming workshop in the field of tourism is organised by CzechTourism on the 23 and 24 May in Karlovy Vary, the heart of the West Bohemia Spa triangle.
The event aims to strengthen the existing and establish new business partnerships with Czech businesses, regions and other entities and institutions, actively involved in incoming tourism, and moreover to promote the destination brand of the Czech Republic in international markets.

CzechTourism has been organising this inbound workshop regularly every year since 2016, with the exception of 2020 and 2021, when the situation regarding COVID-19 did not allow the workshop meeting to take place.
Within the two-day program participants will be able to discuss cooperation with Czech B2B partners both during the welcome evening reception and in the course of two B2B workshops. Both workshops will take place in the form of a series of pre-scheduled meetings.

Futhermore attendees will be able to enjoy 2 full days of various pre-tours discovering the beauties of Karlovy Vary region from May 20-22. 

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