Beer Is Born

Beer Is Born

When you want to come for our golden treasure!

Beer Is Born
Did you know that beer brewing has had an exceptionally long tradition in the Czech Republic? The oldest historically documented brewery is the one connected to the Břevnov Monastery in Prague, founded in 993. And the Czech cities of Plzeň and České Budějovice gave the world lagers known as Pilsner and Budweiser.

How About a Visit to a Brewery?

Czech beer is drunk all around the world and those who love this golden beverage have many options to taste their favourite delicacy, as well as to learn how beer is actually made. Plzeň is the city of beer and you can learn about the secrets and  history of the unique brewing method for making Pilsner Urquell at a tour of the Plzeňský Prazdroj Brewery and the Brewery Museum. Naturally, there are many breweries that have their own restaurants and offer tours of their production spaces; such as the Visitor Centre of Budějovický Budvar in České Budějovice, the Regent Brewery in Třeboň, or the Krumlov Brewery in Český Krumlov.

When Beer Heals

You can even find beer in spas and wellness hotels. The beer spa that use the beneficial effects of warm water with added beer and herbs is a rarity for beer and relaxation lovers. Beer is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. So, not only peat wraps, but also brewer’s grains wraps help relieve our bodies!

Breweries of All Sizes with Beer of All Flavours

The most drank beer in the Czech Republic is the pils style, or the Czech lager. However, there are large and small breweries, about 500, that have been trying new recipes and keep up with the global trends. And sometimes they are the trendsetter. Thanks to them, you can try beer such as statut, ale, APA, IPA… or special beer, such as spring or Advent specials with herbs, honey or spices.

Beer Trips

Set off on a trip to explore new flavours! Take one of the beer trails that will guide you through the countryside and let you taste the best the region has to offer. The Tišnov Beer Trail in Moravia will take you along the local microbreweries. The Krkonoše Beer Trail is about 35 kilometres long and it also includes the highest located Czech brewery. A beer with a view? Why not! The Plzeň Beer Trail introduces the region where the golden beverage was born. Plzeň and its beer are known all over the world. And when travelling, do not miss the six beer trails in South Bohemia. They lead through the best breweries in the region. And in North Bohemia, you can enjoy the Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail that connects the local craft breweries.

Czech Beer Culture

When Czechs say they are going to “get one”, it means it’s time to have a beer in their favourite pub or restaurant. You can even find businesses  in the Czech Republic called pivnice that only specialise in pouring the best beer. And such businesses usually have been around for centuries! Such as the Prague pivnice U dvou koček, which has been standing in the same spot since 1678! Or U zlatého tygra, also in Prague, where President Václav Havel took US President Bill Clinton for a beer in 1994.