Become a true Czech gourmand

Become a true Czech gourmand

Enticing gourmet events await you once again this year. Savour your holiday!

Discovering other cultures goes hand-in-hand with discovering their cuisines. So, accept our invitation to visit the Czech Republic, and discover its cuisine and its unique wines. This year in the Czech Republic, you can look forward to food festivals that are definitely worth a visit. Following are some selected events where you can look forward to the best that this country has to offer.

Garden Food Festival Ostrava (5–6 May 2018), Olomouc (2-3 June 2018), Rožnov pod Radhoštěm ( 30 June -1 July), Zlín (1–2 September 2018)

The Garden Food Festival is a festival of good food and drink in Moravia that is unencumbered by borders. In 2018, it will take place in Olomouc, but also in Zlín, Ostrava  and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm as well. The project's goal is to support regional foods and brands, gastro-tourism and other types of tourism in the city and the region. It presents new trends in cuisine, attracts leading chefs as well as celebrities outside of the culinary sphere, and promotes top restaurants in the region.

Asparagus Festival in Ivančice (18–20 May 2018)

Ivančice and its surroundings were once an area renowned for growing asparagus, which made its way from here all the way to the imperial court in Vienna. Ivančice in South Moravia organises the Slavnosti chřestu (Asparagus Festival) in the second half of May each year. In the town square, you will have the opportunity to sample at least 30 asparagus specialities, and local viticulturists will await you in the courtyard of the town hall. You can look forward to wine tasting or pairings with asparagus menus, farmer's products, and a craft market, and your children will delight in a diverse entertainment programme.

Fresh Festival Plzeň (19-20/05/2018), Liberec (26-27/05/2018), České Budějovice (9-10/06/2018), Pardubice (16-17/06/2018)

Plzeň together with Pardubice, České Budějovice and Liberec will host the Fresh Festival. One of the largest Czech gourmet festivals of good food and drinks will present the best of contemporary gastronomy. Unusual and adventurous gastronomy will be presented by restaurants offering molecular mixology, extreme catering as well as entomophagy, or eating insects. Fans of exotic cuisines and other unique cuisine concepts won’t be left behind. The festival area will be filled with stands offering Czech and foreign delicacies from all over the world. The refreshments will also include the various offers of family microbrewery production, cocktail and fresh bars. The programme will be traditionally accompanied with the popular cooking show, led by Zdeněk Pohlreich, and culinary workshops with the best Czech cooks.

Prague Food Festival (25–27 May 2018)

The Prague Food Festival is the largest Czech culinary event of the year. This is a three-day holiday of food that is a Prague tradition. This outdoor festival at Vyšehrad presents the best chefs, confectioners, and people who simply live for cuisine. You can taste everything you want, and discover new flavours and surprising combinations. Individual restaurants offer hors d'oeuvres, soups, entrées, desserts, as well as specially-conceived festival menus. Stands with coffee, chocolate, wines, beers, and other delicacies are a welcome bonus.

Pálavské Vintage Mikulov (7–9 September 2018)

Come to South Moravia to celebrate this year's grape harvest. Enjoy a pleasant three days, when historical processions parade through Mikulov, the city centre is transformed into a historical marketplace, and wine and partially-fermented wine tastings take place. During the entire duration of the harvest, the Mikulov Chateau's main hall also hosts the prestigious Národní soutěž vín (National Wine Competition) public exposition. Here, you can taste over 500 samples of white, rosé, and red wines from the Mikulov wine subregion.

Znojmo Historic Vintage (14–16 September 2018)

Experience a marvellous historical festival, knight tournaments, a historical marketplace with craft demonstrations, military camps, a poorman's alley, as well as a diverse cultural programme on eleven sets. The dominant feature of the festival is its historical procession through town. You can look forward to wine and partially-fermented wine tastings in the backdrop of the medieval centre of the Moravian city of Znojmo.

Karlštejn Vintage (29 -30 September 2018)

Experience a historical festival of wine in the presence of Holy Roman Emperor and Bohemian King Charles IV and his court. Or, more specifically, a historical reconstruction of a medieval royal court. At Karlštejn Castle in Central Bohemia, just outside of Prague, visitors can look forward to a diverse cultural programme from the Middle Ages, wine and culinary specialty tasting, a knight tournament, and a sorcery performance.

Karlovský Gastrofestival (6–7 October 2018)

The Gastrofestival in Velké Karlovice is a holiday for all gourmands and lovers of Wallachian cuisine and regional products. You can look forward to regional specialty tastings, frgál tart and kielbasa contests, a farmer's market, cooking show, as well as frgál production. In addition to tours, the festival also offers its now-traditional gala dinners for demanding gourmands, featuring culinary celebrity guests with Michelin stars.