15 Tips on How to Sleep like the Aristocracy in Castles and Chateaux in the Czech Republic

15 Tips on How to Sleep like the Aristocracy in Castles and Chateaux in the Czech Republic

Spend a night like a prince! Fifteen tips for luxury accommodation in castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic.

On your visits to castles and chateaux have you ever wondered what it would be like sleeping in an imposing four-poster bed and waking up surrounded by luxury while admiring stunning views of sunlit gardens? In the Czech Republic you can give it a try! Go for a romantic break which will make you feel like a prince or princess. You can treat your noble offspring to this splendid experience too.

Around Prague


St. Havel Chateau

Located in Prague itself, the St. Havel Chateau Hotel boasts foundations laid as early as 1273. Fortunately, throughout the 20th century the hotel owners resisted tempting offers to sell their land in the park and so today hotel guests can enjoy peace and quiet amidst extensive greenery and yet be within easy reach of the vibrant centre of the metropolis.

St. Havel Chateau is a great choice for golf lovers. The grounds contain a golf course with unique aqua-driving. A day in Prague or on the green can be crowned in the Chateau Restaurant, where every meal is a gourmet experience in itself.


Jemniště Chateau is a Baroque style stately home, where you can stay in three luxury suites called Theresa, František and Rainer, furnished and fitted by drawing inspiration from history. The chateau cuisine emphasises the importance of variety and use of herbs and vegetables grown in the adjacent garden.

Jemniště is not far from Kutná Hora or from Prague. The journey to the capital will take you under an hour.


Situated quite close to Prague and the historical town of Mělník, Liblice Chateau offers its guests a mixture of history, comfort and modern architecture. When booking your accommodation, you can choose between classic chateau rooms with antique furniture or modern interior design in the wings.
Liblice is located on the main route between Mělník and Mladá Boleslav, leading through the beautiful and charming Elbe River Basin.


If you want to get lost on your holiday, then you definitely should make your way to Loučeň Chateau. Apart from romantic luxury accommodation, the Maxmilian Lifestyle Resort offers quite a rare feature both in the Czech and European context, which is a unique set of labyrinths and mazes of all possible types and sizes.

Loučeň is situated not only close to Prague but also to the Mirakulum children’s amusement park. A visit to this place will be greatly appreciated by children and adults alike.

Mcely Chateau

Mcely Chateau pampers its guests with luxury, making use of its first-class facilities that include its own range of toiletries and excellent award-winning cuisine, a beautiful garden and the whole atmosphere throughout. Special attention is paid to children who can stay at Princess Nelly’s suite and make the best of the specially tailored package – an excellent lunch, changing into a princess or prince, fun in the English landscape garden and a bike ride through St. George’s forest. All of these activities can be had in the safety of the Mcely Chateau luxury hotel complex in the company of a parent.
A journey from Prague to Mcely Chateau will take an hour, and the towns of Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Králové are also quite close.


A real treat and pampering worthy of nobility awaits you at Zbiroh Castle on the border of Central and West Bohemia. It is the only hotel where you can spend a night in the very rooms where Holy Roman Emperors Rudolf II and Charles IV, the famous painter Alfons Mucha and opera singer Emma Destin slept before you.

Zbiroh is located a short way from Pilsen, at the boundary of the Křivoklát Region, which was named after one of the most prominent castles in the Czech Republic, Křivoklát Castle.


In Bohemia


Hrádek u Sušice

Come in through the main gate and enjoy a stay just like in a fairytale. You will find here a pleasant environment, professional staff and experiences that you will keep thinking about once back in your everyday life.

Hrádek u Sušice is located in the picturesque landscape of South Bohemia, from where it is just a short way to the Šumava Mountains, Kašperk Castle and Pilsen.

Hostačov Chateau

Situated on the border between Bohemia and Moravia, the Hostačov Chateau offers accommodation in rooms which will allow you to return to less hurried times. You can laze about in one of the many chateau chambers such as a library, games room or cinema.

A short distance from here lies the UNESCO listed Kutná Hora and Žleby Castle.

Hrubá Skála

In the Hrubá Skála Chateau EA hotel you will have all the beauty of the Bohemian Paradise at your fingertips. Erected on a sandstone rock, easily reachable by car or on a bike, the castle commands magnificent views. In addition, during the tourist season you can participate in polishing semi-precious stones from Bohemian Paradise.

The castle has a good route to Prague, with the towns of Mladá Boleslav and Liberec being fairly close.

Kamenný dvůr

Situated between Karlovy Vary and Cheb, the Kamenný dvůr Chateau Hotel is a part of the Spa Triangle in West Bohemia. In addition to accommodation in luxury rooms it offers experience gastronomy, the comforting embrace of the beautiful park and top-of-the range wellness facilities.

Nové Město nad Metují

When you rent a room at the Nové Město nad Metují Chateau, you will get a key for the whole building, making you the lord of the manor. The foundation stone of this complex was laid as early as 1501, so you will sleep surrounded by deep history.

Nové Město nad Metují is located in North Bohemia near the Polish border. From here you can set out for a trip to a zoo with a safari in Dvůr Králové nad Labem or the Orlické Mountains.


In Moravia

Herálec Chateau

Located in the beautiful scenery of the mysterious Vysočina Highlands amidst the 18th century English landscape garden, the chateau hotel attracts visitors with its 5-star luxury and absolute privacy. Guests can make use of the Spa by L’OCCITANE or the unique collection of renowned wines - one of the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. It all goes perfectly with the gastronomic creations, prepared at the  Herálec Chateau from fresh local ingredients with no chemical additives.
The chateau is situated halfway between Prague and Brno, and therefore is a great starting point for exploring the beauty of the Czech Republic.


The Napajedla Chateau is a gem of Baroque architecture to be found in the heart of Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic. At the same time it is a family-run hotel, where you can choose between the joy of doing nothing and an actively spent holiday, as tennis courts are available in the grounds and the Baťa Canal much-sought after by cyclists, is situated close by.

And where can you set out for a trip? A good idea is to visit the town of Zlín to admire its modern architecture or head for Kroměříž and its unique gardens, inscribed on the UNESCO list. A one-hour drive will get you to the Moravian metropolis of Brno.


Třešť Chateau Hotel offers its guests accommodation in the historic building of the chateau or in the recently renovated separate building, which was reconstructed from the former chateau stables. Apart from participants in conferences or company events accommodation in the hotel is sought after by guests who are looking for a pleasant environment, splendid nature and peace and quite to unwind in. During the school holidays Třešť Chateau Hotel is a popular destination for families with children.
Třešť lies close to several sites – so why don’t you head for Telč and Třebíč to explore UNESCO listed gems.


You can stay in the actual UNESCO listed site, if you rent a room in the Hubertus Hotel, located in the left wing of the Valtice Chateau. Inscribed on the World Heritage List as a part of the Lednice-Valtice Complex, the chateau and the hotel are situated a short distance from the Austrian border. The hotel could be described in just a few fitting words: excellent conditions for hiking and cycling, cultural sites, great food and fine wines!

If however you wanted to venture out of the Lednice-Valtice Complex, set out for a wine exploring trip to nearby Mikulov and Pálava, one of the most beautiful areas in the Czech Republic.