8 tips for trips to discover traditional crafts

8 tips for trips to discover traditional crafts

Admire the skill of the old masters and make your own original piece

8 tips for trips to discover traditional crafts
We will advise you where to go if you want to get to know some of the Czech traditional crafts. You will learn how to make paper, print, weave and perhaps even bake bread! You will take home a handmade piece as a souvenir from your visit. An original of course!

In search of the lost times to Letohrad

The largest craft museum in the Czech Republic, which can be found in Letohrad in eastern Bohemia, offers an opportunity to learn about traditional crafts. You will see comprehensive exhibitions of crafts and trades, mainly from the period 1840 to 1930. In addition to well-known professions such as carpenter or carver, you will also see the work of a metal spinner, wheelwright or shingler. Your children can also look forward to a 100-year-old classroom or a new exhibition of nativity scenes. And one of the unforgettable experiences is a visit to the dental and gynaecological surgery exhibition, with two dental surgeries, a gynaecological surgery from 1924 and an operating theatre from 1960.

Paper adventures

The Manual Paper Mill in Velké Losiny in Moravia has stood in its place for more than 420 years and is one of the oldest paper mills still operating in Europe. The secrets of the ancient craft will be revealed to you during an excursion to the factory and in the local Paper Museum. You will get the opportunity to make your own sheet of handmade paper as a keepsake.

The fragile beauty of glass

The production of glass and crystal has a centuries-old tradition in the Czech Republic. Want to make the trip? The glass factory Novosad & syn in Harrachov in the Giant Mountains is the oldest continuously operating glass factory in the world. To this day, glass is still blown here by hand and using the same process. By prior arrangement, you can also try to blow your own piece of glass during the tour! Similarly, in the Pačinek Glass factory in Kunratice u Cvikova in North Bohemia, you can experience what it's like to be a real glassblower.

Want to learn how to print on old machines?

Now that you have made your very own paper, you will want to print something. Head to Knihtiskárna (printing works) in Kutná Hora in Central Bohemia. Here, you can see all the exhibits up close, touch them and even try some of them out. You will find old manual printing presses, a unique American typesetting machine and all the equipment of a printer and bookstore from 1850 through to the middle of the 20th century. Groups of more than 10 adults can even see a molten metal font casting demo by appointment! How about printing a postcard of Kutná Hora with your very own hands on a hundred-year-old Boston printing press? No problem! You can try it here and take it away as an original souvenir.

The beauty of delicate lace

The town of Vamberk in Eastern Bohemia is famous for its lacemaking tradition. The local Vamberk Museum of Lace will be happy to introduce you to both the history and present of this delicate craft. Lacemaking used to be so popular in Vamberk that in the 19th and early 20th centuries, lace was made in almost every household. Today, the production of hand-made lace is mainly concentrated in the company Vamberecká krajka, from where you can take home a piece of this beautiful craft. Pictorial lace is quite unique, you can display it at home in a frame just like a picture, or perhaps you would like an original bobbin lace placemat.

Weave like the masters of old!

The House of Tapestries in Jindřichův Hradec in South Bohemia continues the more than century-old tradition of textile workshops there. Today, they focus on restoration of historical textiles, and as part of the tour, you will get to see the so-called "living exhibition" in which experienced weavers and restorers repair unique historical item. The House of Tapestries is an interactive museum, where curious visitors have the opportunity to test their skills on the handloom. Children are welcome, and they can try out the basics of weaving and related techniques in the children's corner.

A route that will take you to all the technical monuments

The whole of North Moravia has radically changed since the industrial revolution. Factories and craft manufactories were established here, and thanks to the rich deposits of mineral resources, quarries, and mines as well. And thanks to Technotrail, you can follow in the footsteps of the technical and craft monuments of this region. You can look forward to guided tours of the textile factories and slate mines! You can even take home a heart carved out of slate or a t-shirt with your own print!

Water Mill in Slup – see the mill craft with your very own eyes

The Water Mill in Slup can be found close to Znojmo in South Moravia. In the past, it belonged to the largest Moravian mills and recently underwent very successful renovation works. You can find an exhibition of milling technology from the Middle Ages through to the beginning of the 20th century can be found there today. All the machines are fully functional, and you can see this for yourself during the tour! The Bread Festival awaits visitors every year, this year, it is held on 3 September. The water mill comes to life thanks to a lot of craftsmen, you will see bread baking demos and folklore performances there as well.