Czech Republic from the Water

Czech Republic from the Water

Or where to go on a cruise on Vltava, Elbe, Morava, Dyje and other rivers and reservoirs!

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While the Czech Republic does not have a sea, you can still board a boat in several places and enjoy pleasant moments with unforgettable views from the water. There are the Vltava, Elbe, Dyje and Morava rivers and several large water reservoirs. We have some tips for regular and irregular water transport, sightseeing tours, trips and other boating adventures. Take a trip on a steamship, enjoy the romance of an evening cruise, or check out towns or the countryside from the deck of a cruise ship.

A steamship in Prague and beyond

The Vltava river meanders through the centre of Prague, and a boat trip often complements a tour of the city nicely. After all, the sites and city panorama look very different from a boat. There are several companies that offer boat cruises through the city centre, and you can choose one that you like. However, there are other interesting places than in the centre of Prague. In the summer, you can take a boat all the way to the ZOO or the Slapy Reservoir, or the confluence of Elbe and Vltava rivers north of Prague, near the town of Mělník. There are four rentals points in Prague where you can hire a 4-seat pedal boat. Give it a try and get even closer to the water surface!

Around the world in South Bohemia

The South Bohemian town of Třeboň not only boasts a beautiful historic square, but also one of the largest ponds in the Czech Republic. The Svět pond (meaning “world”) spreads out right behind the town gate. And so you can go on a cruise around the World that takes about an hour. On Saturdays, you can enjoy a swing band that performs during the voyage.

Lipno reservoir – the Czech sea

The South Bohemian Lipno reservoir is called the Czech sea. It is one of the largest water surfaces in the Czech Republic, so there are several boat lines and cruise companies. You can, for example, cruise from Lipno nad Vltavou to Frymburk and back. Or from Horní Planá to Černá v Pošumaví and back. Or you can enjoy the special round-trip cruise with a programme during sunset.

Orlík reservoir around Zvíkov

The Vltava River spills out into the canyon below Zvíkov Castle near Písek thanks to the Orlík reservoir. From June to August, you can board a boat right below the castle and enjoy a sightseeing cruise and great views of the countryside and castle. You can choose from a small or large circuit trip (35 or 50 minutes).

Elbe canyon

In North Bohemia, where the largest Czech river, the Elbe, leaves the country and continues to Germany, you must not miss a cruise through the Elbe canyon. The voyage begins in Děčín, continues to Hřensko, where most ships turn around and go back to Děčín. You can get off in Hřensko and cruise along the Kamenice River on romantic boats and explore the wild gorges. We highly recommend it!

Baťa Canal in Moravia

The manmade Baťa Canal waterway can be found in Moravia. The canal is over 50 kilometres long and runs through an the Moravian Slovakia area. The Baťa Canal is best explored from the deck of a rented boat or a houseboat. There are several rental places and it only takes a short training session to become a sailor! The popular routes are around Veselí nad Moravou or Strážnice.

Vranov reservoir on the Dyje River

The Vranov reservoir is on the Dyje River in South Moravia. From the town of Vranov nad Dyjí with a beautiful chateau, you can take a boat to Bítov Castle! The river is literally squeezed between steep slopes covered with green forests, which creates sharp meanders. In addition to Bítov, you can also see the interesting ruins of Cornštejn Castle from the boat.

…and further downstream the Dyje

At first, a cruise on the Dyje River in South Moravia resembles (with a bit of imagination) a cruise through the Amazon jungle. You board the boat in the chateau park of Lednice. From the river level, you will see unique views of the park, chateau, minaret and Jan’s Castle. All of this together forms a unique set of UNESCO monuments – the Lednice-Valtice Landscape Area.

Or try regular boat services

Even though there are not many opportunities where boats can be used in the Czech Republic, you will find several regular boat services. On summer weekends, you can take a boat from Ústí nad Labem to Litoměřice. In Prague, where the Vltava banks are connected by many bridges, there are places where a bridges are missing. And this is where you can use public transport in the form of ferries. The advantage is that you can use a regular public transport ticket here! And in Brno, in South Moravia, you can take a boat trip around the Brno reservoir. It may be especially interesting for children to take a boat trip to Veveří Castle in the summer! The new local boats have electric drives, and as such their operation is more environmentally friendly.