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Entry to the Country

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Since 2007 the Czech Republic has been a member of both the European Union and the Schengen area.
Citizens of countries that are also in the European Union and the Schengen area may stay in the Czech Republic with no permit requirements. They only need a valid travel document or an ID card. If anyone stays in the Czech Republic longer than three months, he or she must notify the relevant authorities of their stay.

With or without a visa

The list of countries whose citizens may travel for a short term to the Czech Republic with only a valid travel document, without a visa, can be found here.
The list of countries whose citizens must have a relevant valid visa to enter the Czech Republic can be found here.

Travelling with animals

In order to travel to the Czech Republic with dogs, cats and ferrets, you must have:

  • A pet passport, i.e. a uniform document throughout the whole of the EU which is issued by a vet.
  • A condition for issuance of the passport is marking of the animal – it must be tattooed (legibly); marking with an electronic chip is obligatory from 2011 onwards. This is performed by a vet.
  • The animal must be vaccinated against rabies in accordance with the legislation of the European Union, i.e. the first vaccination must take place from three months of age.

Tariff quotas

Customs checks at state borders ended on the date the Czech Republic joined the EU. Checks have remained only at the outer borders of the EU. This is why you will only come across checks at international airports.

Exemption of goods brought into the EU from customs duty, VAT and consumer tax relates to goods imported occasionally for personal use.

Information about amounts which you can bring into the Czech Republic and which goods are exempt from customs duty, VAT and consumer tax can be found here.