Are you heading to Šumava? If you go through Klatovy, stop by the famous catacombs and visit the beautiful baroque pharmacy!

Like Sušice and Prachatice, Klatovy is one of the gateways to Šumava. Before setting out to explore the beauty of Šumava’s nature, stop by here. See the historic center with the Black Tower, Baroque pharmacy or famous Klatovy catacombs with mummies!

Catacombs and the horn of the mythical unicorn

What we have become, so will you. Even you will be struck by this age-old truth when you descend into the catacombs of Klatovy. You will find them under the Jesuit church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and St. Ignatius directly in the historic city center. The catacombs were used as a tomb for the members of the Order, its supporters, and important townspeople. Today you can see their mummified corpses there.

On Klatovy Square just a few steps from the catacombs you will find the pharmacy At the White Unicorn. It was in operation until 1966, when the interior with richly carved Baroque cabinets was converted into an apothecary museum. You can still see the legendary horn that gave the pharmacy its name, but experts determined that it is not the horn of the mythical unicorn, rather a narwhal tooth.

Traveling for pleasure

If you are not bothered by heights and endlessly steep stairs, then treat yourself to a beautiful  view of Šumava. It will open up before you from the observation deck of the Black Tower, which rises to a height of 81 meters on the south side of the square. The Hotel Central offers you a relaxing wellness center with an outdoor pool, and a short walk from Klatovy will bring you to the Podolí Western Ranch, which offers horseback riding and accommodations. Popular destinations include Klenová Castle with an open-air gallery and Švihov water castle, where they filmed the Czech-German Christmas tale Three Nuts for Cinderella.


Městský úřad Klatovy
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