Travel Safely and Stay Healthy

Travel Safely and Stay Healthy

The Safe Travels stamp – enjoy a safe holiday!

Travel Safely and Stay Healthy
The Czech Republic has received the international Safe Travels stamp, awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council. We make sure that you feel safe in our country!

How We Care about Your Safety

The last year and a half have fundamentally changed our lives. From our way of travel to how we shop and it is quite likely that we will have to accept some changes as the ‘new normal’ will probably stay for a while. The measures that will stay implemented in future are preventive safety and hygienic recommendations in restaurants, hotels, shops, or at various events. We have been successfully minimising the risk of transmission of viral diseases, including COVID-19, thanks to the availability of hand disinfection at all important and accessible places, social distancing, use of quality face masks, and also thanks to the regular and thorough disinfection of surfaces. Those are the measures visible at first sight.

However, did you know that hotel and restaurant owners follow dozens of other rules so that we, visitors, can be safe? Such rules include, for example, restriction of items used in rooms by more than one guest – magazines, decorative items and cushions, or stationery. In restaurants, it is recommended to use either disposable menus, or to use menus that can be disinfected after use. And naturally, restaurants and hotels may only be entered with a clean bill of health (vaccination certificate or negative test certificate). What about shopping? Customers are required to wear a face mask indoors to protect each other. Methodological instructions for many situations we encounter on our travels have been prepared in the past year and a half and thanks to general public following these rules  we can all feel safe when travelling.


Be Safe

Where to go if you want to be sure that businesses such as restaurants or hotels meet the terms and conditions of the Safe Travels stamp? The list of owners who have met the strict criteria and care about you spending your holiday in good health and as safe as possible.