Mountains and Good Food in the Czech Specials Restaurants

Mountains and Good Food in the Czech Specials Restaurants

Restaurants certified by Czech Specials can also be found in the mountains, offering excellent Czech cuisine, whether traditional or with a modern twist.

Mountains and Good Food in the Czech Specials Restaurants
The Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains all around; they might not be Alpine peaks, but they offer plenty of opportunities for winter fun. Winter sports fans are surely looking forward to a good snowfall; the season usually starts at Christmas and goes on until March. Any information centre will tell you where to go skiing; we will tell you where to eat well.
The Krkonoše Mountains are the highest ones in the country and just below the highest peak, in Pec pod Sněžkou, the tall building of the Horizont Hotel with a popular restaurant known for its excellent cuisine towers to the sky. We recommend ‘Krkonošské kyselo’ – a local specialty, soup so thick that your spoon will not move. It is made with potatoes, mushrooms, onion-fried eggs, thickened with sourdough.

If you crave something good when walking through Špindlerův mlýn, stop at the Start Hotel. The Epicure restaurant, among other things, offers venison goulash with millet dumplings, or pancakes with cottage cheese crème and fruit. If you climb above the town of Strážné to Friesovy boudy at an elevation of 1,217 metres, you will not regret it. Quench your thirst with the excellent local beer and relieve your hunger with several regional specialties. ‘Kulajda’ – a thick soup with poached egg, jacket potatoes with homemade cottage cheese, or ‘Sejkory’ – sweet potato pancakes typical for Krkonoše will definitely make your day more pleasant.

The Šumava Mountains are popular with tourists, attracting them with its forests and deep lakes. Penzion Avalanche awaits you at Špičák with its regional specialties made from local ingredients. You should definitely try the fish cream made of Annín trout, or roasted pork neck with mushrooms and chanterelles. On the other hand, Hotel Srní is known for its excellent stuffed potato dumplings called ‘šumavské zelníky’ or beer-roasted pork belly.

The beautiful Moravian Jeseníky Mountains do not lag behind with gastronomic adventures. Penzion Kovárna in Horní Lipová will pamper you with exceptional cuisine. You should definitely try the delicious homemade pâté, roasted goose with potato lokshe, or the famous fruit dumplings. Hotel Diana in Velké Losiny will warm you up with a strong broth made of beef ribs and root vegetables and please those who like venison as it offers several such meals. You should definitely visit the Kolštejn Restaurant and Minibrewery in Branná for their outstanding beer, which they also cook with. You can look forward to a leg of duck roasted in beer with cabbage, potato and bacon dumplings. The courageous ones can order fried Olomouc cheese.

The Czech mountains have a lot to offer to both mountain lovers and foodies! Have a taste of Czechia!