Where to Get Coffee in a City

Where to Get Coffee in a City

Tips for the best city cafés!

Where to Get Coffee in a City
Coffee is a delicious beverage, and every nation has its own way of making it. A century ago, visiting a café was a part of good manners. Writers, journalists, architects, artists and businessmen had their popular spots. Politics, arts and relationships used to be discussed at the tables. Today, cafés are places where you go to have a rest, or a business meeting. In the last decade, the Czech Republic has been experiencing a coffee fever. It originally started with a few enthusiasts about coffee that comes from a small farm, is carefully roasted and perfectly prepared in the hands of a skilful barista. Today, you will find such cafés in every town. And we are introducing several great cafés across the Czech Republic at the occasion of the International Day of Coffee that falls on 1 October.

Prague Cafés You Cannot Miss

The concentration of cafés is probably the highest in Prague. Although, Brno is treading on its toes, but more about that later. Prague can boast of its historical cafés where famous people, such as Albert Einstein or Franz Kafka, used to go. One such café is Café Louvre at Národní třída near the National Theatre. It opened in 1902 and has been in the same place ever since. Forget baristas in plaid trousers; here you will only find waiters and waitresses in pressed shirts and black bow ties. This place breathers a beautiful, old-world atmosphere! Another old café is the Grand Café Orient near the Municipal House. It is the only original Cubist café in the world!

However, if you prefer the coffee itself and seek gourmet coffee from small roasting shops or directly from specific plantations, there are many options in Prague. You can try the Místo café in Dejvice. They serve coffee from Doubleshot, a small coffee-roasting shop in Prague. Or do you just want to take the coffee with you? Kafemat, once again in Dejvice, makes – allegedly – the best cappuccino near and far! You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and top-quality coffee in the showroom and main café of the well-known roasting shop La Bohème Café at Vinohrady. And what about the atmosphere? If you are looking for authenticity and cosiness, you must not miss the Nový svět café in the Nový svět district at Hradčany. A small space, a family-owned business and excellent coffee with a little something, home-made, to eat. Cukrárna Alchymista is a place with the most beautiful green garden in whole of Prague, exceptional tranquillity, gourmet coffee and home-made treats. If you go there, stop by at the neighbouring Coffee Museum dedicated to the history of coffee not only in the Czech context.

...And What about Brno?

The Brno coffee scene is treading on Prague’s toes. There are even arguments about which city has better cafés whether the capital city, or the second largest city, South Bohemian Brno. We will leave you to decide... So, here is a list of the best cafés. Oh, and they are all in the city centre within a walking distance from one another. If you are sufficiently resilient to caffeine, you can try them all. Or at least some of them. Coffee Bar Mymika is the most recent addition at the Moravské Square. On the other hand, SKØG Urban Hub at the Dominikánské Square has been one of the top cafés in Moravia for many years, known for its Scandinavian style. Kafec Brněnský is a business that has built a name of an excellent place for morning waffles! And the Monogram Espresso Bar at the Kapucínské Square is the smallest café in the city; you will only find one table there. But their espresso is perfect. Kavárna Punkt. – a full stop for the great Brno joints. Vegans are welcomed. You can choose from dozens of other original cafés. Just pick one from the countless joints.

Lékárna in Karlovy Vary

The Lékárna café in the centre of the West Bohemian spa of Karlovy Vary is a place that not only the locals seek. Coffee from the City Roasters, a roastery in Karlovy Vary, great people and a DJ table. An interesting combination, but above all – excellent coffee prepared the way it should be.

An East Bohemian Stop in Litomyšl

Litomyšl is a small town in East Bohemia, however, it offers full-fledged architecture and quality gastronomy. Visit Kafemysl at the Smetanovo Square, or the nearby Chocco Café. You can expect a pleasant environment, gourmet café and treats in both.

Znojmo Is Not Only Wine

Znojmo in South Moravia is known as a centre of viticulture. However, other noble beverages are also welcome there. You can get excellent coffee at Káva na Knopp in the city centre. The owner of the café changed his profession: from a barman to a barista, and he also serves home-made treats with the coffee.

Plzeň Does Not Stay Behind

The coffee fever did not miss West Bohemian Plzeň. The Walter café prepares coffee roasted by Five Elephant in Berlin. Would you like espresso or filtered coffee? They have both. And also great food – from caramel crepes to eggs Benedict.