Beer Trails – South Bohemia (Top Breweries)

Beer Trails – South Bohemia (Top Breweries)

Do you love Czech beer? In South Bohemia, you can walk or cycle through six beer tourist trails with participating breweries, such as Budvar, Samson, Dudák, or many micro-breweries. Visit attractive sights and then enjoy the excellent flavour of the most popular Czech beverage.
Beer is one of the oldest beverages that people know. It was already very popular at the time of the Celts. In Bohemia, beer was always made from malt, water and hops. Almost everyone could brew beer, however, it was most often brewed by feudal lords and clergymen. In the 13th century, many royal towns with various privileges were founded and the right of brewing was very important at that time.
In the 18th century, the tradition of homemade beer brewing ended by a court order and emphasis was laid on the introduction of a proper technological procedure during the production. A century later, at the time of technical inventions and discoveries, new breweries were founded. The twentieth century brought further mechanisation that led to today’s automation of production. In South Bohemia, there are currently many micro-breweries or brewery homesteads where you can taste the golden drink, in addition to the world-famous breweries.

Trail 1

1. Bukovar Family-owned Brewery - Hluboká Brewery - Budějovický Budvar - Samson Brewery - Krajinská 27 Microbrewery - Beeranek Microbrewery - Kněžínek Microbrewery
What to see along the trail: Borkovice moorland, the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou, the city of České Budějovice. In Budějovice, you can visit the world-famous pub at Masné krámy and taste Budvar poured straight from the lager tanks. Enjoy beautiful views of the countryside and the romantic Hluboká chateau on a river cruise from České Budějovice to Hluboká.

Trail 2

Mayzus Chotoviny Brewery - Obora Family-owned Brewery - Transformátor Hlavatce Brewery - Pivovarský dvůr Lipan - Pivovarský dvůr Zvíkov
What to see along the trail: the Janecký Chotoviny old-timer museum, the town of Tábor (learn all about brewing beer and the history of beer in the town of Tábor in the basement vault below the Beseda restaurant), Želeč granary, the town of Bechyně, Zvíkov Castle, Orlík Chateau, the town of Písek (learn more about the technology of malting, which is the “heart of the beer”, at the permanent exposition in the Sladovna gallery in Písek and enter the “good old days” of the malt house in Písek and understand malting, brewing and the entire production of beer).

Trail 3

Platan Protivín Brewery, Dudák – Strakonice Town Brewery, Blatná Chateau Brewery
What to see along the trail: the town of Vodňany, the town of Strakonice, the unique preserved Hoslovice water mill, the town of Blatná, Lnáře Chateau.

Trail 4

Horní Chrášťany Microbrewery - Prachatice Brewery - Bobík Hotel Microbrewery – Vimperk Brewery – Kvilda Bakery Microbrewery
What to see along the trail: Kratochvíle Chateau, the town of Prachatice, Husinec, Volary, Lenora, Vimperk, Boubín Virgin Forest, NP Šumava – the visitor centre at Kvilda where you can learn about the life of deer or lynxes.

Trail 5

Glokner Brewery - Český Krumlov Historical Brewery - Vyšší Brod Microbrewery
What to see along the trail: the town of Český Krumlov, the Cistercian Monastery in Vyšší Brod, Lake Lipno, Treetop Walkway, Lipno Bikepark.

Trail 6

Český Rudolec Chateau Brewery - Bohemia Regent - Jílovice Brewery - Žumberk Microbrewery


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