PUPP –卡罗维发利——007曾在这里留下足迹

如果您没有到过PUPP酒店就离开 Karlových Varů(卡罗维发利),那真是一件憾事。不仅仅因为这里满载历史,更因为这里有着高品质的美食,舒适的环境。您可以坐在詹姆斯·邦德曾在电影《皇家赌场》中坐过的地方品尝捷克传统美食。这里的招牌菜是配有奶油酱、卡罗维发利面包、南瓜子以及新鲜红莓的烤牛肉,它的味道真是无与伦比。
This iconic five-star hotel in the heart of Karlovy Vary with its charm and unforgettable atmosphere have enchanted artists, scientists, statesmen and other exceptional guests from among the worlds leading figures for more than three centuries.

In addition to the 228 rooms and suites of the highest standard, the hotel offers the exclusive Pupp Royal Spa, Wellness centre and several first-class restaurants, including the Pupp Grandrestaurant and the legendary Becher's Bar.

The unique atmosphere of the Grandhotel Pupp has been attracting filmmakers since the begining of film. There have been dozens of films including the Bond movie Casino Royale, and have hosted the stars of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival every year.


Grandhotel Pupp *****
Mírové náměstí 2
360 91 Karlovy Vary