The traditional Czech craft amidst the modern world

The traditional Czech craft amidst the modern world

Ancient stories that have got no reason to end!

The traditional Czech craft amidst the modern world
Would you like to visit places where for centuries magnificent gems were being created, decorating the interiors of royal palaces or the robes of celebrities, created under the skilful hands of top masters of the craft? Are you tempted to discover the secrets of unique technologies? Would you like to make and take away a souvenir original piece that you could show off to your friends? Then you have come to the right place.

The valley where Czech crystal was born

When we say Czech glass, there is no need to add anything more. The Czech lands have been famous for their top glassworks since time immemorial. The craft of glassmaking is inherited from generation to generation, which is why you can still meet the successors of the old masters in one of the dozens of glassworks, who inherited their skills and the secrets of technology. They will talk to you and advise you as you form your first glittering piece. In the Crystal Valley, for instance, the place where Czech crystal was born 300 years ago. The local chandeliers, which adorned the palaces of the French King Louis and the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, today form the decoration of magnificent villas and yachts of many a celebrity. You will then see luxury fashion accessories made from Czech glass on international fashion catwalks and stages, sparkling bright on the clothes of celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Adele and many others.

You can learn about both the history and present of Czech glassmaking during your visits to glass museums. If that's not enough and you want to feel the heat of the glass furnace for yourself, then visit the Crystal Valley, or also, for example, the Rückl Glassworks not far from Prague or the Moser glassworks near Karlovy Vary. We leave it to your taste. We leave it up to you to decide what luxury glass work of art you will ultimately take away home with you.

Czech puppetry among the jewels of UNESCO

Czech puppetry is unique in the world, it proves the skill of Czech craftsmen and the creativity of artists who breathe life into wooden figures. It is rightly one of the jewels on the UNESCO list. You can admire this craft during puppet theatre performances, in museums or in traditional markets. At carving workshops, you will learn just how demanding and at the same time beautiful this ancient craft is. And if you are looking for a valuable souvenir that is also typically Czech, a hand-carved puppet will certainly not disappoint.

From folk costumes to men ‘s ties and undergarments

Blueprint (modrotisk) is a special canvas print in blue with a typical small white pattern. Folk costumes, which are now worn only during folk festivities, especially in the south-east of the Czech Republic, were originally decorated with this unique technique dating back to the 16th century. One of the most famous is the world-unique Ride of the Kings. However, the story of the blueprint is far from over! Ancient technology has been rediscovered by contemporary designers who use it for their collections. The result is a luxurious dress, original ties or even beautiful tablecloths. Blueprint motifs can even be found on underwear. If you want to try the blueprint technique, visit the Danziger manufactory in Olešnice in Moravia. You will get to peek into the production process, and they will even let you create your own pattern.