It originated in Switzerland, was made famous by French poets, and was inspired by Van Gogh, Oscar Wild and Marilyn Manson. It contains a devilish mixture of herbs, especially wormwood, anise, and fennel, which is called the Holy Trinity. And Czech Republic is one of the top producers of this drink!

The only place in Prague from which to see the Seine and the Eiffel Tower

The famous Slavia Café, just a short walk from the National Theatre. A magical place where prominent figures of Czech art have been meeting since time immemorial. Jarolsav Seifert, the famous Czech Nobel Prize winner, also sought inspiration in a glass of Absinthe diluted with excellent coffee and wrote in one of his poems that after drinking Absinth he no longer saw the Vltava river and the Petřín tower, but the Parisian river Seine and the Eiffel Tower. A regular guest of the café was President Václav Havel, who used to sit on the spot under the painting “Absinthe Drinker “, which hangs there to this day. Come and see for yourself and maybe you will find your own Green Fairy.

A Czech mecca of Absinth offers ice cream, too

Not far from the Old Town Square, you will discover Absintheria with a world selection of absinths, period posters and an absolute rarity - an original collection of absinth spoons. There they will tell you everything about absinth.

In the café, you can enjoy a lot of absinthe curiosities, such as the absinthe mojito, chocolates and even ice cream with the taste of absinth! Seven types of Czech absinth are distilled in sugar at the local distillery. Every second Wednesday of the month, a bartending show is held here.

Absinth is alchemy, discover how it is produced!

The production of absinth has a long-standing history in the Czech Republic. If you are wondering how it all begins, we have three types for you:
  1. Bairnsfather Distillery
  2. Žufánek
  3. Hills Liquere Distillery

Try the Fiery Ritual

Try this special way of preparation that became popular in the Czech Republic during the Velvet Revolution:
  1. Dip a cube of sugar in absinth
  2. Place the sugar on a slotted spoon and set it on fire with a lighter or match
  3. Stir the caramel sugar into your absinth and drink