Controversial Czech Cuisine

Controversial Czech Cuisine

Let’s look under the lid of typical Czech dishes that some love and others hate.

Controversial Czech Cuisine
You can order Czech modern cuisine in many restaurants and bistros when visiting the Czech Republic. You can get traditional dishes without litres of fatty cream and lard, with vegetables and lean meat. The Michelin guide pays attention to such restaurants and recognises them. Let’s take a tour of the most controversial food you can find in the Czech Republic?


Utopenec means a “drowned man”. Would you like some? In the Czech Republic, it is almost a must. It is available in every pub for the locals. It is a typical dish that is served with beer. But why the drowned man? The basis is a sausage made from pork, beef and lard. Cut the sausage, spread some mustard on it and pickle it in a mix of vinegar, spices and hot peppers. 

Pickled Brie

Another representative of cold food that saves Czechs in the pub when the chef has already left but beer is still being drunk. Hermouš, as it is called in Czech pubs, is a mould cheese with spices and hot peppers pickled in sunflower oil. Let it ripen at room temperature for at least one week. The cheese must be soft and stretchy. Excellent delicacy.

Pickled tvarůžky

The last of the three pickled delicacies. Tvarůžky is a special cheese made in Moravia in the surroundings of Olomouc. The cheese is – euphemised – very aromatic. In a way that requires it to be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Tvarůžky, just like Brie, is pickled in oil with a mix of spices and hot peppers. This food is only for the strong. Really.

Fried Cheese or smažák

Nutritionists shake their heads in disbelief. This is a huge amount of fat in all kinds of forms. It is a thick slice of fried cheese with 30 to 40 percent fat, covered with flour, egg and breadcrumbs. “Smažák” is a famous delicacy, so you can get it for lunch in even the most remote village pub. On the menu, it will probably be the only meatless dish. To avoid leaving the restaurant with gallbladder issues, we recommend ordering boiled potatoes with it. Avoid French fries. The cheese and potatoes are usually served with Tartar sauce, made from oil and egg yolk. The food is not photogenic but don’t worry, you will like it!

Collared Pork and White Pudding

Collared pork and white pudding are typical dishes served at a pig-slaughter event. The Czech countryside still sees the live tradition of at home pig-slaughter in the winter months. It is a social event when the entire family and friends meet, the butcher kills the pig early in the morning and it is consumed from head to toe, literally, in a day. The white pudding, something like a sausage, contains the guts with the skin and the nose, the collared pork contains joints, meat and skin. Thanks to collagen and other ingredients that are not common in a modern European diet, some experts say that these are very healthy dishes. The decision is up to you. All the dishes above have to be washed down with, not only one, beer.