Moser Glassworks: More than 160 Years of Famous Crystal Tradition

Moser Glassworks: More than 160 Years of Famous Crystal Tradition

Each crystal product from the Moser workshop in Karlovy Vary is unique, not only thanks to its design, but mostly thanks to its manual manufacture.

Moser Glassworks: More than 160 Years of Famous Crystal Tradition
The Moser glassworks has a tradition that is over 160 years old and Moser products have been purchased by emperors, rulers and the most powerful people in the world. In the Czech Republic, Moser has four sales galleries (two in Prague and two in Karlovy Vary), but you can buy Moser glass in shops all over the world. And all these original crystal gems are made by less than 360 employees.

Crystal world in Karlovy Vary

© Moser a.s.Are you looking for an unforgettable experience? If so, a visit to the Moser glassworks in the West-Bohemian spa of Karlovy Vary is the perfect thing for you. This is where you can experience the true atmosphere of glass production, inhale the smell of burnt wooden moulds and enjoy the ambience of the history of the Moser glassworks. In the glass factory, you can uncover the secrets of blowing and shaping glass, and learn about glass-making material, tools and production processes. You can complete the unique experience with shopping in the largest sale gallery of Moser in Karlovy Vary. Moreover, the Moser Visitor Centre now includes CAFÉ Moser, where you can enjoy excellent coffee and homemade cakes with a view of Ludwig Moser Square with its crystal fountain and a crystal sculpture.

The best for the most powerful

And how exactly did the Moser glassworks conquer the whole world? The factory manufactures crystal without any lead additions. Working with such material is very demanding, but the result is worth it – lead-free crystal has high gloss, effulgence and hardness, which allows for detailed cutting and engraving. Also, it is a challenge for designers to work with the typical clear Moser glass materials in the hues of semiprecious stones that are extraordinarily beautiful and create unusual optical effects in combinations. For more than 160 years, the luxurious Moser crystal has been used in prominent houses and palaces of rulers, statesmen and governments for its uniquity and beauty.

Crystal for the emperor

The Moser manufacture was founded in 1857 in Karlovy Vary by Ludwig Moser, an engraver and a tradesman. Not even 20 years later, it became the court supplier of Franz Joseph I, and later also of Persian Shah Mozaffar ad-Din, and Eduard VII, the King of England. At the beginning of the 20th century, the artistic orientation of the glassworks changed and decorative techniques, so typical of modern Moser production, were introduced. Thanks to the unique beauty, quality and trustworthiness of the Moser brand, Moser crystal glass works became the symbol of recognition and awards for extraordinary people all over the world.