Ten gems of Prague

Ten gems of Prague

Get to know the unique story of a city which history has attributed nicknames to such as “Stone Dream” or the “Golden City” and get to know its greatest jewels

More than athousand years of building has left architectural gems in Praguewhich millions of visitors come to admire every year. Uncover the mystery of the Gothic monasteries, enjoy classical music concerts in one of the Baroque cathedrals or relax in the beautiful Renaissance gardens. Prague will soon convince you why people have been saying that it is one of the most beautiful historical cities in the world since as far back as the Middle Ages.

Prague is the mother of cities, which will sink its claws into you and never let you go. That is a quote from the most famous person to have been born here, Franz Kafka. He too succumbed to the beauty of this magical city, where he spent most of his life. You too can get to know a city that the most important people of their time have paid homage to and see the best that the capital of the Czech Republic has to offer.

Put a Prague mosaic together

Its silhouette is monumental. Prague Castle, the symbol of the Czech lands, seat of ancient rulers and according to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest medieval castle in the world. This is a place that you must not fail to visit when you visit Prague, city of a hundred spires. You can end your tour in one of the beautiful Palace Gardens, where you will all of a sudden find yourself in a wonderful world of plants, fountains and pavilions. You can also spend a pleasant day on Petřín, where the local lookout tower offers a beautiful view over the many towers, roofs and chimneys of the whole city. Don’t forget to take a look at the statue of the world famous Child of Prague at the foot of Petřín Hill, which is attributed miraculous properties. You will find it a little way from here in the Church of Our Lady Victorious in the Lesser Quarter.

A walk through the history of architecture

Would you like to get to know the beating heart of Prague? Then set out for the Old Town Square, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. Not far from here, you can then make your way into the heart of the fascinating Jewish Ghetto shrouded in legend. Is there an old romantic hiding away inside you? You can believe that there is no more romantic place than Charles Bridge at sunrise. On the other hand, sunset is at its most beautiful viewed from the ramparts of mythical Vyšehrad, a place where you can immerse yourself in the very beginnings of Czech nationhood.

A city which beats with life

Prague is not only a city of historical monuments, but also a city for living, where culture is an integral part of things. Enjoy a unique experience in the form of a classical music concert in the Municipal House, one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the world. You can set out on the trail of Mozart to the Estates Theatre, where this musical genius presented the premiere of his opera Don Giovanni in person.