The Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo

Visit one of the most beautiful zoos in the world!

Prague Zoo is located in the beautiful and rugged terrain of the Trojan basin and is visited by more than one million people annually.

A place that will take your breath away

The magical Prague zoological garden is located in a hilly and wooded part of Troja. Forbes magazine rated it as the 7th best zoo in the world in 2008. The zoo is situated on 60 hectares, of which 50 ha make up the animal exhibits. The zoo was first opened in 1931 with 200 animals. It currently boasts 670 species and almost 5 thousand individual animals.

 New pavilions have recently been added: The Indonesian jungle, where you'll even find the endangered komodo dragons, the Bird wetlands, Water world with its rare Indian gavials and Monkey Island or the latest Valley of the elephants with numerous elephant herds as well as the hippo pavilion. In the spring of 2014, a special pavilion for the critically endangered Chinese giant salamander was opened. The zoo is the only one to breed them in Europe. The most popular, however, is the Prague gorilla family, whose restless offspring are loved by all who see them.

Prague Zoo offers visitors year-round animal feedings with commentary, guided tours of the garden, special zoo keeper programs at the zoo and other experiential programs for children. In select months, candidates can sign up for an attractive night tour of the zoo.

Helping to suvive

Prague zoo is also famous among experts for its long-term breeding of Przewalski horses, which it has very successfully returned to their original habitat – the sprawling Mongolian plains. The program to save these majestic animals began right here and the local herd became the basis for many wild horses in Mongolia.


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