Before setting out for the Czech Republic for medical care

Before setting out for the Czech Republic for medical care

The Czech Republic is a Safe Place Where You Will Receive the Best Care

Before setting out for the Czech Republic for medical care, you will naturally have questions. Today, the most accessible source of information is the Internet, where basic information on the Czech Republic and its healthcare system is available. See for yourself that the Czech Republic is an ideal destination for medical tourism.

Language is not a Problem

Doctors and other staff that you will encounter speak English, German, or Russian. In order to ensure that you have all the information you need, prior to setting out on your trip, ask the clinic you have selected to consult directly with your doctor. Verify to what degree the healthcare facility and its staff meet language requirements and how they react to questions and comments.

Careful Organization of Your Trip and Complete Information in Advance

The organization of your trip will fully meet the requirements of the treatment or surgery you have chosen. Discuss its course in detail with the clinic or agency you have chosen, which will alert you to any related risks and restrictions. You will find out what pre-op examinations await you and how long you will be required to remain in the healthcare facility afterwards, as well as what activities you will be capable of given your condition.

Certified Doctors

For the client, the quality of clinics and the professional qualifications of doctors is what is most important. For this reason, you will be cared for by doctors renowned in Europe who have gained experiences and certificates not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, who publish in their field actively, and who are trained in the latest medical procedures. Their professional CVs are available on the clinic’s website, or can be sent to you by the agency. In the case of plastic surgery and dentistry, you can ask to be sent sample pre and post-op photographs.

High-Quality Clinics

Clinics are modern facilities that meet the most demanding hygienic and procedural requirements. All healthcare facilities are subject to strict supervision by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic or appropriate central, regional, or municipal authorities. Inspections ensure that requirements are being met in the area of staff qualifications, hygiene, and problem reporting.

Transparent and Correct Handling of Your Money

If you send a healthcare facility or agency money in advance and then change your mind, you need not be concerned about your money. You have the full right to cancel a planned operation. It may also happen that the clinic will recommend the operation be deferred due to your current state of health. In both cases, any advance payments you might have made will be refunded. The clinic will only keep sufficient funds to cover expenses related to examinations you actually underwent, such as pre-op exams or lab tests.

Post-Operative Care and Returning Home

If the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the clinic for recuperation. If you continue your post-op rehabilitation at a spa treatment facility of your choice, you will visit the clinic for regular check-ups, and the doctor will recommend suitable leisure activities according to your state of health.
During your final check-up, the doctor will issue a complete medical report for your doctor at home, including recommended subsequent care, and will recommend you to visit him upon returning home. The healthcare facility in the Czech Republic will remain in contact with you, and will cooperate with you and your doctor as required.