Neurology and Neurosurgery

Neurology and Neurosurgery

A Proper lifestyle for good health

Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, it still makes sense to have your blood pressure and pulse checked, to have an ultrasound of your jugular arteries done, or an ECG. After all, strokes, which can be prevented, are the second most frequent cause of death in developed countries.

Why choose the Czech Republic?

Over the last few decades, neurology and neurosurgery have experienced rapid growth thanks to the development of new imaging methods: computer tomography (CT), positron emission tomography with computer tomography (PET CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and new surgical technologies and techniques. The latter are primarily stereotactic surgery, which allows surgery on deep brain structures with minimum tissue damage along the access path, endoscopic, robotic, and CyberKnife surgery, and others.
These modern diagnostic tools, technologies, and methods are available in the Czech Republic for treatment of strokes, epilepsy, degenerative brain disease (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease), spinal disc herniation, post-traumatic disorders, degenerative spine diseases, neuropathy, and brain and spinal cord infections and tumours. There is an entirely new treatment concept for premature fusion of skull sutures. These pathological synotoses can be eliminated via endoscopic (keyhole) surgery to allow a newborn child’s skull to grow properly. As opposed to classical open surgery, the child is exposed to lower risk of post-operative complications.


Preventive neurology includes a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s medical history and a physical examination, neurologically-focused lab tests, the use of imaging techniques, consultation of the results with a neurologists, a conclusion, and recommended treatment of health problems and a doctor’s report in a foreign language.

  • check-up duration: various
  • total anaesthetic: depending on the nature of the procedure
  • hospitalization: depending on the nature of the procedure

Sleep Disorder Centres

Another set of modern facilities available in the Czech Republic are sleep disorder centres. These are specialized facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders focus primarily on sleeplessness, excessive daytime sleepiness, and abnormal behaviour or movement during sleep. The most significant component is treatment of patients with sleep apnoea syndrome (a breathing disorder where breathing stops during sleep). These centres perform comprehensive polysomnigraphic examinations, during which many parameters are monitored simultaneously: EEG (electroencephalography), EOG (electrooculography), EMG (electromyography) of the facial muscles, breathing patterns, breathing effort, and a number of others parameters. Analysis of this data can then differentiate individual phases of sleep and the disorder type, and the proper treatment can be recommended, such as a device that ensures permanent overpressure in the respiratory tract. 

Epileptological Centres

Epileptological centres offer special outpatient and inpatient epilepsy care. They include counselling centres and monitoring units (EMU) that, among other things, perform selection of patients for treatment, and their long-term monitoring. Treatment is performed via a modern method that involves targeted removal of epileptogenic tissue using stereotactic surgery. 

Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, and Spa Care

The fields of neurology and neurosurgery have a close connection with the fields of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and spa care. The best inpatient and outpatient facilities in the Czech Republic ensure follow-up rehabilitation of patients with muscular system problems, including post-op rehabilitation. Czech rehabilitation medicine has an excellent reputation and is among the best in the world.