Recommended health-care facilities (clinics, hospitals)

Recommended health-care facilities (clinics, hospitals)

The Czech Republic is a safe place, where you will receive the best care

In addition to providing top-quality medical care, any medical facility that decides to offer its services to a foreign clientele must be thoroughly prepared for a range of specific situations. The facility must have a trained, professional staff able to fluently communicate in foreign languages, it must have a clear pricing structure, and it must be able to provide clients with supplemental and premium services, which may well be the deciding factor for the patient in choosing the Czech Republic as a medical tourism destination. It is typical for such facilities to cooperate with an agency based in the Czech Republic, which acts as a liaison and arranges all supplemental and premium services according to the wishes of the client.

The following health-care facilities have undergone an assessment of the standard and quality of services offered.

* Health-care facility administered by the Czech Ministry of Health

Recommended medical tourism agencies and other useful links

The reason for the emergence and existence of agencies handling medical tourism is simple: Everyone welcomes a well-informed source to consult about the selection of a health-care facility or doctor, about available treatment methods and success rates, or about pricing at individual facilities. The agencies and brokers specializing in these services play an important role in medical tourism. Their valuable consulting and organizational services for the patient during the entire process supports the development of the medical tourism industry. Such agencies increase the patient’s level of knowledge before arrival at the medical facility, they tend to the patient’s needs during their stay in the Czech Republic, they can organize a sightseeing programme for the patient, and after the patient’s return home they can carry out a joint assessment of the entire experience. Comprehensive and quick communication with clients in a foreign language improves the planning of a patient’s stay in the Czech Republic and generally improves their satisfaction with the services provided.

Medical tourism agencies in the Czech Republic

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