Anti-aging programmes

Anti-aging programmes

Stop the clock with special anti-aging programmes!

Combine the pleasant with the useful and immerse yourself in the ethereal world of Czech spa and wellness centres, where staff can help you in the fight against the negative aspects of ageing. Detox programmes, stimulating massage, soothing wraps and other therapies await, all of which will not only calm the nerves but also take years off you. Head to the spas to rediscover health, beauty and a youthful look, and treat your body to the best spa care around.

Anti-aging programmes are a real hit these days. They cleanse the body and stimulate the immune system, giving you an attractive, healthy glow. During the various procedures and programmes you’ll also learn a lot about how to eat properly, exercise and what activities and substances to avoid. So what do you have to look forward to? The most effective procedures are oxygen therapy, cellulite-busting massage, fragrant cranberry or cinnamon baths, vibrosauna, Vacu Well, dry CO2 baths, hydro colon therapy, bubble baths and reflexology. All of these are, of course, designed for women, but men can enjoy them too.

Return home a few years younger!

So just where can you find the best anti-aging programmes? The Poděbrady hotels Zimní lázně and Felicitas work miracles with their procedures. The combination of fresh mountain air and exercise makes the Priessnitz Spa in Jeseník another good choice. You can turn back the clock a few years at the Vega Hotel in Luhačovice and at the Radium spa hotel in Jáchymov. The famous spa triangle doesn’t drag its feet in this area, either; the Mariánské lázně based company Léčebné Lázně Mariánské lázně as well as Coop Kriváň, Falkensteiner and the Royal are all sound choices. Just as good is the Karlovy Vary hotel Carlsbad Plaza, where staff offer anti-aging diagnosis as well as procedures. You can also cheat Father Time at the Tosch Hotel in the wonderful surroundings of the Kašperské Mountains, the Ostrov Hotel in Ostrov u Tisé and at the Energetik wellness resort in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Get fit and lose weight!

Whether you head for one of the better known spa centres or choose a wellness resort elsewhere, you’re sure to find the balsam for body and soul that you seek. Anti-aging procedures can also be combined with weight loss programmes, making the end result even more attractive. Special massage using ivy gel, fat-reducing seaweed wraps, ozone wraps, lymphatic drainage massage and peat baths can improve your figure, and when you return home you’ll wow everyone you know with your brand-new look. You can choose from a wide range of weight loss programmes at spas in Lednice, Jáchymov and Jeseník.