Tips for LGBTQ Travel in the Czech Republic

Tips for LGBTQ Travel in the Czech Republic

LGBTQ travelers are welcome in the Czech Republic all year round!

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From Pride parades to film festivals, the Czech Republic offers events throughout the year that celebrate the diversity of its citizens and visitors. So when should LGBTQ travelers plan their next visit to the Czech Republic? There are plenty of special events throughout the year and, of course, LGBTQ travelers are welcome in the Czech Republic all year round!

Prague Pride, August 5-11, 2019  

The Prague Pride Festival has grown in popularity since 2011, from roughly 25,000 people attending the first year’s festivities to almost 100,000 participants (and about 40,000 in the parade alone) in 2018. This annual week of events in August is sure to be a party that paints the city in rainbow colors and attracts travelers from across the country and beyond. 

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, November 7-22, 2019

Cinemas in both Prague and Brno turn their attention to international representations of the queer experience onscreen every autumn. The Mezipatra Queer Film Festival showcases around 100 films, both Czech and international, plus a program of discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and parties. Grab a friend, catch a film, and enjoy a discussion afterwards over some of the Czech Republic’s finest beverages.

Queer Ball, Feb/March 2020

Keep an eye out for announcements as the month March approaches for the Queer Ball held in both Prague and Brno. The Czech Republic has a long history of formal dances hosted by organizations, from graduating students to local farmers or firefighters, and the LGBTQ community is no exception. These wild nights of dressed up dancing are a great excuse to pack a special occasion outfit.  

Prague Fringe Festival, May 22-30, 2020

This English-language festival of theater, comedy, cabaret, and entertainment always includes LGBTQ themes. Prague Fringe draws performers from around the world, including the US, UK, Australia and all across Europe. Intimate spaces in Prague’s Malá Strana neighborhood, from underground rooms to local bars and cafes, host one-hour shows for all types of audiences. Mark your calendars for next year’s Prague Fringe Festival.

Gay and Lesbian Nightlife

Plenty of Prague’s nightclubs, particularly around the Vinohrady neighborhood, cater to the cis gay male crowd (such as Saints, Termix & Termax). Alternatively, Freedom Nights focus more on the cis lesbian scene with DJs and dance parties in Prague, Brno, and Bratislava, Slovakia.
A designated destination is less defined for transgender travelers. Trans*parent volunteer Jamie Rose noted that, “The trans community in Prague is lovely and genuinely caring for its own, but we currently lack a solid community space.” Her advice to trans people visiting the Czech Republic? “Don't be afraid to just be yourself provided that you can do so with confidence. Czech people will rarely directly confront others, but you might get some uncomfortable stares.”

Legal and Social Landscapes

The Czech Republic already offers recognition of civil partnerships to same-sex couples. The fight to extend that status into full marriage equality has also been making headlines in recent years, thanks to organizations like Jsme fér (It’s Only Fair). 
When it comes to societal attitudes across the Czech Republic, the makers of gay travel app Man About World  noted that “the word we kept hearing was ‘tolerance.’ That’s not the prettiest of words, however it means something slightly different here. Local LGBTQ people are tolerated as long as they respect the overall culture, as long as they don’t try to attract attention to themselves as special.” He also noticed a generational difference in openness and attitudes. “Czech millennials and hipsters wine, dine and socialize in mixed queer/ally groups.”
A few useful links for specific community tips and support:
STUD – LGBT association in Brno with tons of group links and events calendar
Trans*parent – support and info for the transgender community
Prague Saints – agency support and info for gay travel in Prague
Prague4Gays – guided tours and info focused on Prague’s gay scene – informal Prague group for sporting events (football, volleyball, table tennis)