Best Known Trails for Cross-country Skiing Fans

Best Known Trails for Cross-country Skiing Fans

Snowy landscapes, a white trail, breath-taking views and fresh air… Pack up your cross-country skis and set off to explore the Bohemian and Moravian mountains on the white trail.

Mountains are a paradise for lovers of cross-country skiing, and this highly popular sport in the Czech Republic can be done almost anywhere. You can look forward to perfect conditions in the mountains and groomed trails, so all you need to do is to put some wax on your skis and follow the white trail. The current serviceability and grooming of the individual tracks can be easily watched on-line.

Main Krkonoše Trail (Krkonošská magistrála)

The Krkonoše Mountains are definitely home to the greatest winter cross-country paradise. Magistrála, the main trail which leads through the mountains, is 71 kilometres long. It connects to another 500 km of local ski trails and circuits. The snow conditions are usually the best in the central part of Krkonoše, in the surroundings of Špindlerův Mlýn, where you can also try your cross-country skis on the race trails in Mísečky, which meet the international FIS standards. There are many accommodation options on the main trail, such as Luční bouda, which is near Sněžka Mountain, or Labská bouda.

Main Jizera Trail (Jizerská magistrála)

Jizerská magistrála near Liberec offers more than 180 km of cross-country trails, and it is the most frequently visited place for cross-country skiing in the Czech Republic. The best known trailheads are in Bedřichov, Jizerka and Smědava, and there are also a lot of mountain chalets along the trail that provide accommodation and refreshments including Prezidentská chata, Šámalova chata and Chata Smědava, which are popular with tourists. Every year, you can also participate in the prestigious Jizerská 50 race.

Boží Dar

The area of Boží Dar, near Klínovec in Krušné hory, offers more than 120 km of groomed cross-country ski trails. This area is famous for having snow very early and thus providing ideal conditions for cross-country skiing at the beginning of the winter season. One of the best cross-country skiers in the history of the Czech Republic, Lukáš Bauer, is from this region.

Main Šumava Trail (Šumavská magistrála)

The main Šumava ski trail connects Šumava from Železná Ruda to Lipno and is 140 kilometres long, and it further connects to 400 km of local groomed cross-country ski trails. The main trail also passes through some very beautiful places, such as Modrava and Zadov, where Kateřina Neumannová, the best female Czech cross-country skier, used to train. In Lipno, you can even visit the Treetop Walkway in winter to make your ski trip more interesting, or you can go ice-skating on the frozen Lipno dam.

Main Jeseníky Trail (Jesenická magistrála)

In Jeseníky, you can enjoy a typical ridgeway with the most splendid views of the surrounding snowy landscape with the dominant Praděd Mountain. Jesenická magistrála is 58 kilometres long. The best known trailhead is at Ramzovské sedlo, and although the ridgeway is a bit more difficult, there are a lot of mountain chalets along the way where you can rest and recover. There are many more groomed ski trails connected to the main trail.

Main Beskydy Trail (Beskydská magistrála)

The Beskydy Mountains also have a cross-country ski trail that connects the groomed white trails in these mountains in the Czech Republic. The dominants of the mountains include Lysá hora and Pustevny, where there is an annual festival of ice and snow sculptures. The aim of creating the Main Beskydy Trail project was not only to promote winter sports, but to also use the locations in summer for cycling or hiking.