Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Why go to the Czech Republic for Medical Tourism?

What can the Czech Republic offer to foreign clients? 8x yes to a trip to the Czech Republic for medical care: - Competitive prices - A high standard of care - Suitable treatment/surgery dates - The availability of the latest technologies and medical procedures - Strict hygienic standards - The highest patient safety standards during hospitalization - Associated spa care and natural healing sources - A broad spectrum of leisure activities (cultural and natural sights, rich history) for both the patient and their escort


Healthcare Facilities With High Standards

The Czech Republic has very strict accreditation requirements for healthcare facilities, whether state-operated or private. Clinics and hospitals undergo regular inspections, and patients themselves have the opportunity to assess the quality of their care in national surveys.

Certified Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic are prepared to admit foreign clients and provide top-notch care, from initial consultation, through the procedure itself, to the discharge report and subsequent checks. Foreign clients can organize their trip themselves directly with a selected clinic, or can turn to a specialized agency. In both cases, Czech physicians along with other staff will do their utmost to accommodate all requirements. If desired, specialized agencies can arrange “turnkey” trips according to the client’s wishes to the degree that he or she does not have to worry about a thing, and can be accompanied by an individual of their choice and a translator.

Highly Trained Staff

Top-notch doctors, modern equipment, the latest methods, multilingual staff at all levels – these are the foundations for a successful trip for a medical procedure, ones that the Czech Republic can guarantee. The healthcare provided is naturally comprehensive, but nevertheless there are fields that are especially sought out by foreign visitors. These include assisted reproduction and related top-notch neonatal care within the scope of pre-op preparations and paediatrics. Healthcare facilities specializing in helping couples conceive have excellent results, where the opportunity to relax in related spa resorts also plays a role.

Quality Care at All Levels

Spas are also useful in other fields as part of the patient’s pre-op preparations and post-op recuperation: in cardiology, orthopaedics, and neurology. Plastic surgery, dentistry, and eye surgery offer help in addressing aesthetic and of course health problems. Check-up programmes facilitate the early detection of the symptoms of more serious disease, increasing the success rate of treatment. For example, in the area of oncology, early diagnosis within the scope of preventive screening programmes is very important, as it increases the chance treatment will be successful. In all these fields, you can put yourself in the hands of top Czech doctors with absolute trust.