Česká Vysočina - the mecca of world biathlon

Česká Vysočina - the mecca of world biathlon

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This year's Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě in the Czech Vysočina region (160 km west from Prague) must , of course, be different than usual and it will lose that usual atmosphere. However, even the less knowledgeable know that "Vysočina Arena" is one of the best biathlon sports centers in the world.
Good facilities at an altitude of 620 m, nice nature, wide but challenging trails, decent accessibility. But most of all, crowds just cheers on this place like never before. The Modern Vysočina Arena, which can accommodate more than 20,000 spectators even with the use of mobile stands (another 10,000 live along the tracks), is one of the loudest. It is no wonder that the great atmosphere soon shot the Czech resort among the permanent and popular organizers of top biathlon races. Now it is 10 years since the World Cup was held here for the first time and eight years since the World Cup.

Czech biathlon is one of the best

Those 10 years are a symbolic number for the Czech Republic and biathlon. During that time, biathlon became one of the most popular sports in the country, as in neighboring Germany. The just completed reconstruction of the Vysočina Arena was only one of the major causes ten years ago. Hand in hand, this was helped by the modern enlightened management of Czech biathlon, which received sufficient funding for development. And also a good incubator of talents supported by enthusiastic coaches in several places in the country. All this created an almost miraculous environment that kicked Czech biathlon to miraculous heights.

In ten years, Czech biathlon has won dozens of medals in the World Cup, at the World Championships and at the Winter Olympics, and personalities such as Gabriela Koukalová, Veronika Vítková, Markéta Davidová, Ondřej Moravec, Michal Šlesingr and Michal Krčmář have become world biathlon stars.

And not only that. The voice of Czech athletes also made a significant contribution in an effort to minimize doping and the corrupt environment in this beautiful sport. Of course, these successes also gave birth to a Czech biathlon fan, who also ranked equally among the world's best - especially Nora and Germans.

Ski center and sights

On the other hand, it would not be entirely fair to limit the success of Czech biathlon, which revolves around the Vysočina Arena, to the last ten years alone. Nové Město na Moravě has long been associated with both top and recreational sports, and especially with skiing.

Cross-country skiing has a long tradition in Nové Město na Moravě. Rudolf Gabessam, a gamekeeper from the village of Fryšava, started skiing here. According to data from Novoměstské Horácké Museum on the history of skiing in the region, Gabessam acquired skis as early as 1892 and began to use them to work in the forest and to promote skiing itself. His daughter was also an avid skier. The first ski races took place here on February 2, 1910. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Norwegian coach Ingwald Smith-Kielland also visited the Highlands, who later became the ambassador of Norway in Prague. He taught people from Nové Město how to cross-country by tapping and also showed them first turns during downhill runs.

But even in spring, summer or autumn, this part of the Highlands with the highest points over 800 m has its great charm. Very undulating landscape, deep forests, ponds and several historical monuments, such as castles in Nové Město and neighboring Žďár nad Sázavou or the pilgrimage church of saint Jan Nepomucký, which is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.