Where to get some adrenaline?

Where to get some adrenaline?

Biking, the mountains and sport, take in all the fun!

Where to get some adrenaline?
What is the best way to get your adrenaline pumping and endorphins running high? With sports and adventure of course! Whether you are a fan of riding through forest trails at lighting speeds, testing your muscle strength and courage high up on a rockface or paragliding, just go for it! We'll show you where to go for some unforgettable experiences!

Saddle up in search of adventure

Do you like mountain bikes and enjoy riding on narrow forest paths? Or do you prefer fast rides through forest roads full of jumps, bridges and turns? The Czech Republic offers many options. For example, try the Dolní Morava Trailpark at the junction of the Eagle Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains, where 25 km of groomed trails await both beginners and experienced bikers. Just jump on the cable car with your bike and decide right there on the hill which adventure you want to embark on. On the other hand, the Rychlebské and Lipovské trails in the Jeseníky Mountains are intended for more experienced riders and adapted for the ultimate mountain bike experience. On the trails, you will enjoy the wild landscape of the Jeseníky Mountains, known for its huge granite boulders and mountain streams. Trails with a total length of over 40 km will take you through scree fields and river fords. Now that’s what we call real mountain biking! The Jizera Mountains in the north of Bohemia also offer great adventures. Under the name Singltrek pod Smrkem, there are 90 km of mountain trails of varying difficulty. The local campus won the European Sports Community 2019 award, making it the first ever Czech campus to receive this mark of quality. Almost all larger bike parks and trail parks offer all the comforts, such as bike rental or service. In some places, you can even book a guide to show you the best sections.

If you want to take in the world from above

Test your strength or improve your climbing technique! The Czech Republic offers excellent conditions for both beginners and experienced climbers. You will be surprised by the unique rock towns. The rocks in the Labské pískovce Protected Landscape Area in North Bohemia are a popular place for climbers who train here on the sandstone towers. You just need to bring your equipment with you and check which rocks are suitable for sports. The bouldering circuits of Rychleby trails in Jeseníky Mountains are also interesting. Within Central Europe, they are the first well-mapped area.

Not feeling quite comfortable with the high rocks just yet? Try a simpler option – via ferratas. The first Czech via ferrata, called Vodní brána, lies above the beautiful valley of the Jizera River at the border of North and Eastern Bohemia near Semily. There are 3 trails categorised by difficulty and you will need to bring all your equipment with you. However, the via ferrata is freely accessible. Get your adrenaline high on the via ferrata in Hluboká in South Bohemia, where you will find three trails categorised by difficulty. And you will also get to enjoy wonderful views of the Vltava River! Děčín in North Bohemia is the only town in the Czech Republic where you can climb a roughly 150 m long via ferrata in the heart of the town from the river to the top of the wall right. Access is from the Labské nábřeží at the site of the building of the former rock lift to Pastýřská stěna Rock Massif. Access to the ferrata is only permitted in good weather and at your own risk for experienced persons equipped with a helmet, climbing harness and ferrata set. In the Botanical Garden in Bečov nad Teplou in West Bohemia, they have quite the rarity – the first Czech bioferrata! This is a rock trail aimed at learning about rock vegetation. You must go through the most difficult version of the trail with equipment, which you can borrow on premises of ​​the botanical garden. You will not get to experience views in Speleoferata in the Moravian Karst, but just how many people could say they conquered a via ferrata in an underground cave? You will enjoy the up to 40-metres deep, secured cave cascade full of climbing frames, crawlers, chasms, chimneys with rope ladders, traverses with swings and climbing.

Adrenaline rush in a multitude ways

If you are not fond of rocks or biking, we have tips for you as well. Go to the rope centre for some fun action. No special physical strength is needed. Climbing here is absolutely safe. Try one of the largest rope parks in the Czech Republic – Adrenalinpark Dolní Morava! There are 80 m high but well secured rope obstacles. They are divided into several independent circuits based on difficulty. And what else have they got waiting for you here? The 13 m Double Big Swing, the Power Fan, thanks to which you can experience a free fall even without a parachute or rubber cord. The massive fan that directs your free fall provides for gentle impact. Another large rope park is Tarzanie in the Beskydy Mountains, Offpark Sušice in Šumava, where you can also ride a raft down the Otava River, or Monkey Park in the Giant Mountains with a beautiful 55-metre crossing.

If you find yourself in Dolní Morava, be sure to try the second longest bobsleigh track in Europe – the Mammoth roller coaster! It measures more than 3 km and boasts 25 turns, a 360-degree turn at a height of 12m, an awesome loop and an underground tunnel.

And thirdly – if you want to spread your wings, try paragliding with an instructor! Try it in Čeladná in the Beskydy Mountains at the Paragliders school or El Speedo tandem paragliding. They fly both in the Beskydy Mountains, Jeseníky Mountains and Giant Mountains. They have several types of flights on offer - from the basic one, which lasts about 15 minutes, to the half-hour acrobatic flight, where you can experience 4G overload thanks to various formations! And from a bird's eye view you can also take in the landscape of the area, called Bohemian Paradise. You can also try tandem paragliding flights in the Kozákov paragliding centre located between the towns of Trutnov and Semily.