Hotels for Fans of Records and Rarities

Hotels for Fans of Records and Rarities

The Oldest, the Narrowest, the Highest, the Smallest or the Largest

Hotels for Fans of Records and Rarities
Do you prefer hotels that differ from the average? Pack your bags and stay in hotels that fit in one of the record-breaking categories. The narrowest old hotel? A hotel in a tower? A hotel where you will feel as in a spaceship? The oldest hotel? A hotel with one room? Or a hotel so high up in the clouds that there’s no other higher in Czechia?

The Narrowest Hotels in Czechia: Clementin in Prague and Avion in Brno

Discover the romantic Clementin Hotel in the Old Town in Prague. The narrowest Prague hotel will captivate you at first sight with its width: the house at Virgin Mary, also known as at Our Lady, was built in the second half of the 14th century and it is only 3.28 metres wide. Many famous beautiful places in Prague are within reach: walk across the Mariánské Square to the Old Town Square, the Karlova Street leads directly to the Charles Bridge, and you can see Klementinum from the windows.

The narrowest hotel doesn’t have to be in a historical building: just visit the Avion Hotel in Brno. The Functionalist building was constructed in 1928 according to a design by Bohuslav Fuchs and its façade is only eight metres wide. The symbol of Czech Avantgarde architecture has a perfect ‘First Republic’ atmosphere; come see it for yourselves!


The Largest Hotel: Hilton Prague

Almost 800 rooms, eleven floors and the largest conference hall for 1,500 people: that’s a brief introduction to the luxurious five-star Hilton Prague Hotel.  Its construction started in the 1980s and it was completed after the Communist regime was overthrown in 1989; it used to be called Atrium Hotel according to the large glass interior space. American presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush or Barack Obama stayed there during their visits, as well as Bill Gates. In 2008, the Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge↗, opened on the top floor of the hotel; it is the first Prague sky bar in the chic urban lounge style; fans of sports and wellness will appreciate the LivingWell Health Club & Spa.

Hotels in Towers: Žižkov TV Tower, Ještěd and Praděd

One Room Hotel as a hotel in a tower definitely scores in our selection. The name of the smallest hotel in Czechia tells you how many rooms it has. The unique place can be found in the TV tower in Prague Žižkov and you will have the whole city in the palm of your hand at the height of 70 metres – with a long drink in a bath or when enjoying a dinner in the Oblaca restaurant or Bistro 66. Who would not want to spend a night in such an attractive place? But there are other towers where you can spend a night. Where? For example, at Ještěd: the views from the hotel in the TV tower are beautiful - you can see Liberec, the Krkonoše Mountains or the Jizera Mountains, and the ultramodern timeless design will make you feel as if flying in a spaceship.

However, you can stay even a bit higher, in the hotel in the Praděd Tower. The altitude of the lookout tower is 1562.8 metres, which makes it the second highest place in the country after Mount Sněžka (1602 m). The hotel rooms offer views of the Jeseníky Mountains  ridges and when the weather is good (especially in autumn and winter), you can even see the Krkonoše Mountains (126 km), the Beskids (105 km) and Malá Fatra (150 km) in Slovakia; sometimes, even the High Tatras (230 km) are visible.

The Oldest Monastery Hotel: Břevnov Monastery

Monasteries used to provide shelter to pilgrims and so we might as well state that the oldest monastery hotel in Czech lands could probably be found in the Břevnov Monastery in Prague. The oldest monastery was established in 993 and you will also find one of the oldest monastery breweries in the world there; the Adalbert Monastery Hotel follows old traditions.